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Making Data Work for Us: Driving Growth with Analytics

Making Data Work for Us: Driving Growth with Analytics

There is an explosion of data inside corporations. There has never been so much information available nor such a wide array of tools for dissecting it.

Data availability is not the issue. The challenge is capturing, measuring, and using it to improve business practices. A data-driven decision will always lead to higher revenue, higher outreach, and greater performance for your business. As competitive dynamics change, analytics should be at the core of your organization’s approach to defining and improving performance.

In this webinar, our speakers talked about asking the right questions, extracting the right data, and mapping out an actionable business plan to transform organizational performance.


  • Shail Rathi, Practice Director – Business Intelligence, Synoptek
  • Manish Dhall, Senior Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft
  • Mike Shelton, Data & AI Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft

Key Points Discussed:

  • How analytics enables actionable and strategic decision-making
  • A detailed look at the top BI challenges for enterprises
  • A peek into the Business Maturity Model and the modern analytics flow
  • How our customers achieved over 110% improvement in productivity, 50% increase in team productivity, 50% annual growth, and much more

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