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From Cost Chaos to Cloud Control: The Essential Azure Readiness Assessment Guide

April 24, 2024 - by Synoptek

Poorly planned Azure cloud migrations can result in misalignment with business outcomes, higher cloud consumption costs, glitchy apps, and underperforming systems. Gartner predicts that these inefficiencies are costing the average company 14% more in migration spending than planned each year, and 38% of companies have experienced migration delays of more than one quarter.

An Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment is essential to ensure a successful and secure migration of your IT infrastructure to the cloud. This assessment can help identify potential obstacles and provide a roadmap for a smooth transition to the cloud. With a well-planned migration, you can avoid unexpected costs and minimize disruptions to your business operations.

In this whitepaper, we will talk about:

  • Common challenges businesses face when migrating to Azure Cloud
  • What  a Cloud Readiness Assessment is
  • Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment Checklist
  • Azure Cloud Adoption Strategy Roadmap

We will also shed light on how you can:

  • Identify which workloads are suitable for migration
  • Estimate the cost of running migrated workloads in Azure
  • Understand dependencies between systems in your data center before migration
  • Plan a smooth migration process

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