White Paper: Technology Consulting

Understanding the Technology Maturity Model and Advancing to the Next Level

May 31, 2024 - by Synoptek

Maturity models have long proven to be a successful approach for leaders to improve the effectiveness of their organizations. A Technology Maturity Model enables an organization to assess its people, processes, technology, and IT alignment to the core business so that attention is focused on where the greatest impact can be made.

This white paper addresses the following:

  • How should organizations assess their technology operations while migrating to an anticipated level of technology maturity?
  • What are the technology operational gaps in the way to achieve the desired state?
  • What are the best practices an organization can follow at each level?
  • What actions can organizations take to migrate to higher levels of technology maturity and continuous improvement?
  • What are the business implications if you do NOT advance your technology operations?

Firms sincerely considering transitioning their technology organization coupled with heightening service levels, maintaining core company purpose, and cost control should be prepared to take the following action items:

  • Fairly assess the current level of technology maturity across people, processes, technology, and business strategy.
  • Define the “to be” state they seek to achieve with legitimate justification to executives and business unit stakeholders.
  • Seek internal or external expertise to exploit core competencies, maintain an effective sustainment plan in-house, and bring forth a transformation.

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