White Paper: Technology Consulting

The CXOs Tech Guide – Industry Insights for Decision Making in 2023

February 3, 2023 - by Synoptek

In the last three years, with every organization facing the brunt of global disruption, technology adoption has opened doors to numerous benefits. Today, there are no two qualms about the impact technology can have on an organization’s strategy, operations, finances, and risk-taking ability.

A recent mid-market benchmarking study conducted by Synoptek, in association with global research firm Everest, revealed numerous insights into how different industries use technology and the impact they experience as they embed technology into the core of their business.

While many enterprises end up making investments that do not share common goals, others seem to have cracked the code and achieve superior business outcomes due to their advanced technology capabilities. Read on as we take you through the several revelations!

The industries covered in this white paper:

  • Software
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Healthcare
  • Professional Services

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