White Paper: Technology Consulting

Leveraging Technology as a Strategic Differentiator in an Organization’s Growth

June 22, 2022 - by Synoptek

The sheer pace and scale of the pandemic took the entire world by storm. As businesses adjusted to the new normal, technology continued to be a key driver of business excellence and growth. According to a McKinsey report, the next decade will see more technological advancement than the previous 100 years combined.

Many organizations stumble on the tech adoption journey and achieve sub-standard business outcomes because of the lack of a proper strategy in place.

A few enterprises, however, seem to have cracked the code. These Pinnacle Enterprises have achieved superior business outcomes due to their advanced technology capabilities. These companies’ journeys provide insights into the key enablers needed to achieve desired outcomes and point to the investments required for the greatest speed to impact.

Synoptek, along with Everest Group, a leading global research firm, recently undertook a study of 119 enterprises to understand the role technology plays in an organization’s growth.


pinnacle enterprises comparison of overall outcomes

(Pinnacle Enterprises outperform other firms substantially, by 3.3X, when it comes to outcomes from a financial standpoint)

Read this white paper to understand how your peers leverage technology as a strategic differentiator and get insights into how you can make your organization more agile and uncover intelligent ways of doing business.

This white paper covers:

  • The need for technology in the post-pandemic world
  • How different industries (Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing & Distribution, Software, Professional Services) consume technology
  • The impact of technology on business
  • How pinnacle organizations make the best use of technology
  • The different challenges in the tech adoption journey

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