AWS Cloud Strategy and Planning

Most on-premise servers today can no longer meet the demands of a tech-obsessed world; migrating to AWS cloud is probably the best way for organizations to set the foundation of business transformation, product differentiation, and competitive advantage. However, despite the benefits cloud computing brings, many CIOs often grapple to get started. The increasing pressure on IT to deliver quick value at lower cost along with unpredictable workloads and market dynamics make it difficult to build a cloud-first strategy which has become critical to business success while future-proofing the business for long-term gains.

For migration to be successful, having the right cloud strategy in place is extremely critical to elastically scale the business and stay in alignment with ever-changing business needs. Whether your business is still contemplating moving to the AWS cloud, or whether you’ve already begun planning, partnering with a cloud partner like Synoptek can help you align the cloud strategy with business and IT, prioritize workloads, and plan for a smooth transition – so you can extract maximum value from your cloud efforts.

Synoptek’s AWS Cloud Strategy and Planning Services can help optimize the cloud migration process while keeping costs and downtime to a minimum. Having successfully done cloud migrations for several hundred companies, we know what it takes to traverse the complex landscape and dodge pitfalls, while giving you the freedom to grow.

As part of our AWS Cloud Strategy and Planning Services, we will help analyze your current IT environment, identify gaps, and build a tailored cloud strategy that best suits the needs of your business. We can also plan the right cloud model for your business and provide recommendations on what tools to use and which workloads to migrate for maximum returns.

Our specialists can help identify business areas and workloads that stand to benefit the most from migrating to AWS cloud, while constantly providing recommendations on reducing costs and improving service delivery.

Our AWS Cloud Strategy and Planning Services Include:

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Governance and Risk Mitigation Strategy
  • Data Management
  • AWS Architecture Design and Deployment Roadmap
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis
  • Change Readiness

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