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Why You Need Data Protection Services

Information-dependent organizations rely on their data to deliver their services, make business decisions, run operations, manage their teams, and dozens of other critical functions. Lost data can result in financial losses, regulatory penalties or major operational problems.

Synoptek’s Data Protection Services & IT Security Consulting

We work with our customers to understand their critical data, including where it resides, and the risks associated with that data. We work to understand their business requirements in terms of recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO). We recognize that many of our customers have RPO and RTO requirements under five minutes – and we work alongside their team to ensure their data and their business are protected.

Synoptek will ensure that your data is protected and evaluate your IT infrastructure to find potential risks or data compliance vulnerabilities.

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Protect Your Information with Data Protection Services

Synoptek’s Data Protection Services

Data Protection and Security Solutions

Synoptek’s data protection services help you strategically analyze cost vs. risk benefit – ensuring you have the appropriate level of protection – not only from immediate loss, but also from long-term value loss.

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Data Protection Implementation and Management

A great design calls for a skilled builder to implement your data protection strategies quickly and reliably.

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Data Protection Managed services

As a complement to our integrated data protection services, Synoptek’s managed services provide your business’ IT infrastructure with the protection measures it needs to operate safely in any conditions – from hacking to power outages, we’ve got you covered.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

As data breaches and system outages become increasingly rampant, having a robust backup and recovery strategy in place is extremely critical. A modern plan can not only address on-premises or remote backup needs, it can also help companies be prepared for disruptive events. Synoptek's comprehensive suite of Backup and Disaster Recovery can enable organizations to backup data, manage risk, and ensure continuity of operations – thus sustaining customer satisfaction, competitive position, and business reputation.

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Featured case study

Data Protection Services Allow a Leading Healthcare Solutions Company to Enjoy High Availability and Security

To safeguard the growing volume of critical business and customer data, Synoptek offered data protection and data hosting services that allowed the healthcare solitons company to keep pace with data growth and improve operational efficiency through effective data management.

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Featured Insight

5 Tips for a Proper Data Protection Assessment Strategy

With the right approach to dData protection, organizations can ensure data privacy and make informed decisions on how risks can be minimized or eliminated.

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