Program & Project Management

Drive focus, enable measurable success, and enjoy long-term sustainable benefits of your projects.

Synoptek’s Program and Project Management Services provide customers with the expert team they need to achieve their project goals.

Since there isn’t a one size fits all approach, we closely understand all your project needs and effectively articulate a customized action plan. We keep projects on track by taking ownership of every task and maintaining this accountability throughout key milestones.

Why Partner with Synoptek

At Synoptek, we apply a PMI-based program and project methodology tailored to your project that not only ensures long-term sustainability of change but also guarantees a return on your technology spend. Whether it is pure agile, waterfall, or a practical combination of the two, we curate our approach with what works best for our customers without compromising on efficiency. We build a continuous pipeline of feedback and constructive criticism, so it can lead to improvement and ultimately satisfy your expectations.

The experts at Synoptek meticulously prioritize steps based on your strategic objective, technical recommendations, and resource availability and never lose sight of progress. Our management teams pride themselves on their exemplary track record of successfully executing projects across various industries and geographies and our project leaders propagate a culture of collective success and collaboration that adapts to change.

Commitment and Accountability

Continuous feedback and constructive criticism

Seamless support for a smooth experience

Long-term sustainability of change

Culture of collective success and collaboration

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