The Synoptek Delivery Platform

The Synoptek Delivery Platform provides an overall program delivery and technology operations framework that enables your organization to transform and achieve results faster. Your organization can leverage Synoptek’s delivery capabilities and enable growth, productivity, risk reduction, and cost reduction. Engage Synoptek and take advantage of our global team, effective processes, and enterprise-level systems. Synoptek’s delivery platform will enable you to:

  • Get to value faster
  • Reduce overall risk
  • Reduce costs
  • Achieve consistent and measurable project execution

We can tailor our capabilities to meet your needs. Our delivery platform empowers you with a robust IT-as-a-Service solution. With our service, you will experience:

  • Transparency: Complete visibility into your program and project portfolio
  • Service: Structured service management to enable enterprise-wide consistency in your organization
  • Leverage: Achieve lower costs and higher service levels by leveraging our size and scale
  • Capabilities: Our delivery is enabled by sophisticated skills developed through years of investment, advanced systems, and a team of highly skilled resources. Representative capabilities include:

  • Program and project portfolio management
  • Project status reporting and tracking
  • Overall progress reporting
  • Project management and reporting system
  • ROI tracking
  • Global 24 X 7 project delivery


  • Enterprise operations center
  • Security operations center
  • Knowledge management platform
  • 24 X 7 service support and operational mgt.
  • Standard service levels for all service delivery
  • Service level reporting

Transform Your Business and Achieve Results Faster

The Synoptek Platform Offers a Comprehensive Suite of Services

Technology Leadership and Management

Synoptek’s IT Leadership Services provide the C-level guidance needed to help you navigate the ever-changing IT landscape with visible results.

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Program and Project Management

If project challenges are becoming too complex to handle, plugging into the Synoptek Delivery Platform is all you need to spur leadership clarity, revitalized priorities, and visible growth.

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Keeping your IT investment relevant is critical to drive value. Synoptek’s structured process for ongoing evolution of your IT environment is what you need – not just to stay competitive but also up to date.

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Embarking on the digital transformation journey is no longer a question of if, but when. Synoptek provides a range of services that help organizations traverse the complex business landscape and drive Digital Transformation with ease.

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Analysis and Evaluation

The best customer experiences are usually the result of the right combination of technologies and resources. At Synoptek, we make a concerted effort to curate a set of technologies that will best serve our customers.

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Managed Security

Our security service architects, engineers, and analysts help our customers identify and combat risks to their business computing infrastructures. To help mitigate potential compromises, we implement industry-leading technologies, processes, and resources.

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Transparency, Reporting, Results

Our Technology Business Reviews are standard practice throughout our platform. Our TBR dashboard report shows how well Synoptek is delivering, providing you with the transparent information you need to make informed business decisions or changes.

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Infrastructure and Application Monitoring

Infrastructure and Applications is critical to identify and resolve issues before they impact your business or your customers. Synoptek’s Infrastructure and Application Monitoring Services enable you to get the most out of your IT and gain complete control over your application environment.

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Synoptek’s Help Desk combines a robust and reliable IT infrastructure with proactive management capabilities and automated processes - all working seamlessly in the background, to keep your end-users productive, protected, and satisfied.

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