Technology is changing fast. Don’t get left behind.

Too often business find their technology outdated even before its implemented. Business results are often not achieved due to failed projects, lack of direction, and poor alignment with business objectives. Synoptek recognizes the challenge of keeping up with the rapid pace of technology change. So many options, too many decisions, and a plain lack of expertise. What IT Investment decisions should you be making so that your technology investment keeps your business relevant and creates the desired business results? How should your IT environment be structured to mature over time and keep pace with the changes?

The answer is simple: your IT needs to constantly evolve. Synoptek uses a structured process for ongoing IT evolution. Operations Execution -> Feedback Incorporation into Roadmap -> Quarterly Business Reviews -> Ongoing Evolution -> Technology Recommendations. Our 5-step structured process allows for initial alignment of business objectives to be translated into operational day-to-day execution.

For our Managed Services customers, we become intimately familiar with your technology environment. As part of our roadmap development process, we define projects based on our operational insights from the day-to-day management of your environment. This insight provides a feedback loop to allow for recommendations to those projects which are designed to continually evolve your IT environment.

We have a systemic way to keep your IT evolving as part of our Synoptek Managed Services Platform and IT Leadership Services. By leveraging daily operations feedback, we can identify trends to support the recommendations for projects and improve and evolve your IT infrastructure. Those projects are then added to our technology roadmap and updated in our quarterly strategic alignment sessions, so we can work towards ongoing evolution and growth of your IT.

We provide Managed Services to thousands of customers from various industries; therefore, our size and scale and industry expertise allow you to leverage those skills and insights, incorporate that knowledge, and input back into your business at a fraction of the investment it would take to develop on your own.