Infrastructure and Application Monitoring

Avoid IT Plumbing and Focus on Driving Value and Differentiation Through Your Applications.

Constant monitoring of IT Infrastructure and Applications is critical to identify and resolve issues before they impact your business or your customers. Synoptek’s Infrastructure and Application Monitoring Services enable you to get the most out of your IT and gain complete control over your application environment.

Synoptek offers 24 x 7 x 365 Infrastructure and Application Monitoring Services in a platform and location agnostic manner – on-prem, hosted, and cloud. Our monitoring platform allows for flexibility in terms of thresholds and ensures each piece of infrastructure is monitored according to a pre-defined set of parameters and thresholds that is tailored to its function and load; the platform is capable of generating alarms based on anomalous behavior, so our team (and customers) can be alerted if any infrastructure or service is exhibiting behavioral patterns that are outside the ‘norm’.

No matter where your applications run, our monitoring platform provides an end-to-end view of your application environment and offers dashboards and reports that showcase app availability and performance, dependencies, and bottlenecks – from a single screen. With our monitoring services, you can know what’s happening in any application environment in real-time.

Our team of qualified and experienced EOC resources are quick to respond to issues and troubleshoot and resolve them – without having to engage customer resources. With our Infrastructure and Application Monitoring Services, your IT resources can focus on projects and activities that drive value and differentiation as opposed to spending time on IT “plumbing”.

Our monitoring services provide the insight you need into your app environment, act on issues or challenges, and understand how app performance is affecting your business. We monitor not just your end-user applications, but also browser, network, database, and server performance and take necessary steps to enhance end-user experiences. With our Infrastructure and Application Monitoring Services, you can get real-time visibility into the availability, uptime, and performance of your IT systems and applications – leaving no scope for blind spots.

Through our Infrastructure and Application Monitoring Services, we provide a complete picture of your app environment along with key metrics, proactively monitor applications and set up performance alerts to identify and fix problems. We help clients improve app performance and minimize downtime and impact on business services and customers – irrespective of how big or complex the app is. Since every application plays a crucial role in your organization, we make sure they are constantly optimized, so you can achieve business success – without hindrance.

Our Infrastructure and Application Monitoring Services include:

  • End-to-end Application Health Monitoring
  • Alerts, Dashboards and Reporting
  • 24×7 Service Desk
  • Performance Optimization

The application landscape is constantly undergoing transformations. Through our monitoring services, we can ensure your applications run optimally now and in the future as well. Contact us today!