Managed Security

Synoptek earns your business’s trust through secure processes, preferred controls, and our cybersecurity expertise embedded in our platform.

In the digital age, regardless of your organization’s size, there is a persistent cyber threat, but in the cybersecurity landscape, you do not need the highest security possible, you just need to be slightly more secure than industry standard. A strong security program activates best security practices upon understanding an organization’s needs, culture, and business operations.

The internet is an inherently unsafe place but also an intrinsic part of business operations, and hackers are constantly searching for weaknesses in your protection. Careless, or even malicious, employees pose a significant risk to an organization’s security because of the level of privileged access that is necessary to meaningful productivity. While access is necessary to output, it is also the source of many risks. Synoptek’s Managed Security Service is within our Platform. This provides your organization with the security expertise and skills necessary to help you manage and maintain your risk management strategy, from inside and outside your organization natively.

A strong security program is cultivated by understanding an organization’s needs, culture, and business operations. Synoptek Managed Security Services Suite provides a blended approach to ensure that security processes are a prioritized, highly focused set of action items and not just another item on the to do list. Once the diagnostics are complete, Synoptek can provide a skilled support network to implement the security measures scaled to your company, compliant with all industry or government security requirements.

If a company does not have an updated risk management profile that they are actively protected against, they risk being exposed to threats and irreversible data damage. In these unfortunate situations, it is not only the data that is lost but also the confidence of their customers and their trustworthy reputation. With cybersecurity protection, more is on the line than just your data.

Synoptek’s Managed Security Services and Solutions provide a scalable, adaptable strategy to help any organization evaluate and improve the health their cybersecurity program, especially measured against industry standards (NIST / CIS / ISO). Synoptek RMF Services have been developed especially for customers who are part of the 16 National Critical Infrastructure sectors. These sectors include: energy, banking, communications, law enforcement, health care and state/local government, and more. It has since proven flexible enough to be adopted by large and small organizations across all sectors, as well as by federal, state and local governments. Our Managed Security Services provide a highly focused set of actions to create a relevant and scalable security posture within your organization.


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