Managed Security

Synoptek earns your business’s trust through secure processes, preferred controls, and our cybersecurity expertise embedded in our platform.

A strong security program is rooted in proven industry processes, combined with corporate awareness, business culture and risk appetite. Understanding your organization’s needs, culture, and business operations comprise the foundation on which Synoptek provides its suite of Managed Security Services.

Synoptek’s Managed Security Services Suite provides a blended approach to ensure that security processes are a prioritized, focused set of actionable processes and not just another to-do list. Once the diagnostics are complete, Synoptek offers skilled supporting resources to help implement the security measures that are scaled to your company—while considering the matter of Compliance to all industry or government security requirements that might apply.

The Synoptek suite of Managed Security Services and Solutions provide a scalable, adaptable strategy to help any organization evaluate and improve the health their cybersecurity program, especially measured against industry standards (NIST / CIS / ISO27K).

The Synoptek Risk Management Framework, developed around the NIST 800 Security Protocol, is designed to address IT and operational Security issues relating to organizations within the nation’s 16 Critical Infrastructure Sectors (i.e., energy, banking, communications, law enforcement, health care and state/local government, etc.).

When you understand where the risks are and how to address them, Cybersecurity becomes less complicated to manage. The Synoptek suite of Managed Security Services is a tailored approach to addressing the growing threats businesses will continue to face.