Transparency, Reporting, Results

Achieve success through visibility into results from our reporting.

Direct Insight into our IT Work

Here are some of the standard tools we use to ensure you have direct insight into our IT work:

Ticket Metrics

Our ticket metrics show the number of tickets created and closed. From this number, we look at your ticket patterns to track any fluctuations and determine any extenuating circumstances. Next, we view the ticket metrics based on priority, in order to understand whether they are reactive incidents or service requests so we can get ahead of both situations. Finally, we break the ticket metrics down by issue and sub-issue types to establish if there are any devices, applications, or processes that need to be proactively reviewed before anything becomes significantly problematic.

Endpoint Management

Our Endpoint Management reports show the number of devices under management, the type of devices, and the patch status of each device. These devices must be continuously patched to stay protected from all potential security threats. Our Endpoint Management works to make sure there are no underestimated security risks in your system by carefully keeping track of the security status of your devices for you.

Endpoint Protection Reports

Endpoint Protection Reports show the number of devices covered with each tool, the number of devices that are up to date and out of date, and the number of attempted and actual infections. Most importantly, the endpoint protection reports detail each action taken to fix these infections and bring your devices up to date.

Server and Endpoint Backup Solutions

Backup reports are used to show the frequency of backups, their success rate, and any key issues detected. It is important to know which devices are backed up and how quickly you can recover if there is an issue on each device – our backup reports make sure you are aware of any flaws before they become harmful.

Service Level Compliance

Our SLA compliance reports ensure that we are meeting the service levels in our MSA. We measure the percentage of tickets that met the first response, first contact, and resolution targets. Service levels and expected targets vary based on the priority of a ticket, and the tickets that are not assigned a standard priority and are instead a scheduled priority are measured by when the ticket is due.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction surveys are sent after every interaction with Synoptek support. All feedback is reviewed by Synoptek and shared with our customers. We highly value our partners’ reviews, and we break down these surveys scored to gauge the quality of customer experience, looking for any way we can improve.

Customer Maturity Model

CMM reports detail the customer’s maturity model. This type of report is accompanied by a plan to advance and improve the customer to the next maturity level, ensuring that your network is always moving in the right direction.