Case Study

IT Consulting Services Enable an Equity Company Improve Staff Productivity and Drive Better Security

Customer: Equity Title Profile: Equity Title of Colorado is a division of Orange Coast Title Company, one of the top three independently owned, underwritten title companies in the United States.

Services: IT Consulting

Size: 700 employees
Region: Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, California and Texas
Industry: Information services

Business Need

A Changing Industry

“Much has changed in the title industry,” explains Equity Title Office Manager Terrie Woods, “and Synoptek has helped us on things like email encryption, a big thing we had to start using. They were very helpful in getting that set up for us.”

Woods was looking for what she describes as “exactly what Synoptek does, a managed service.” Equity Title needed someone to make sure that all of their servers were working, that all updates were always completed promptly and properly, and that all of their users, many of whom work remotely, were able to use Citrix to access the significant volumes of information Title companies require. As Woods sees it, “We need to always make sure that our server is up to speed and not have any slowdowns.”

Solution and Approach

My IT Person

“I rely on Synoptek to be my IT person, my IT resource for anything. We don’t have anyone on staff. I end up being the IT staff… and I’m no IT person,” shares Woods. Equity Title’s needs to go beyond having someone in the background that they can turn to when things go wrong.

“We do rely on Synoptek to be our IT,” Woods emphasizes, describing a far more active role in recommending solutions to business challenges and making them work. “Synoptek is much more aware of all the data that is on our servers, and they’re very proactive about security.”

Indeed, Equity Title has turned to Synoptek to identify best possible solutions such as Proofpoint for email security and protection. Phishing attacks and ransomware that use social engineering to induce users to mistakenly click on links that lead to the disaster had been a large concern for Equity Title. With the implemented solution, more than 95% of the spoofed emails have been blocked, reducing the amount of threats.

Business Results

It’s All About People

A big part of the value Equity Title sees in working with Synoptek comes in the form of the training they provide to the users and the thoroughness of their support. The organization understands the challenge in helping their users understand that such thoroughness may require a little more time and due diligence, which pays off when problems don’t recur.

Woods explains, “I’ve called the Synoptek help desk so many times, and they ask all the questions needed to get to the bottom of the problem and solve it.”

The Synoptek Client Advisor Value

When asked about the value of having a dedicated Client Advisor assigned to her from Synoptek, Terrie Woods emphatically replies, “I would not have it any other way.”

Synoptek assigns a dedicated Client Advisor to each client. They own complete responsibility for being the primary contact with their assigned clients, managing every facet of the relationship and assuring that all Synoptek resources are fully brought to bear for the benefit of each client.

“We were a Synoptek client when the Client Advisor concept was first started, and what a relief that was. I can call my Client Advisor or send him an email, tell him what I need when I’m about to pull my hair out and don’t know what’s going on. I know I can get hold of him quickly and he steps in and does whatever is needed to get that fixed. That is SO important.”

Synoptek Managed Services Program

Leveraging the Synoptek Managed Services Program, Equity Title is not encumbered by the capital investments required to own IT equipment.

“Synoptek is very responsive to our needs for encryption, data security, and reliable operations,” explains Woods, “but even beyond that are the multiple audits we have to be prepared for. We get a response to requests for information from Synoptek within a day. In fact, we just went through an extensive vulnerability scan and I know Synoptek is looking out for me. I don’t have to worry about whether my data is secure and available.”

I know Synoptek is looking out for me.

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