Managed Application Support Services Enable a Facilities Company Drive More Value from Public-facing Websites

June 10, 2020 - by Synoptek

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Customer: A management company that owns and operates its own parking facilities and that also provides parking management services to clients that own their own lots/garages.Industry: Facilities

Profile: The client is a professional parking management company

Services: Managed Application Support

Size: 1,001-5,000 employees
Region: Boise, ID

Business Need

The facilities management company leases, manages, and owns parking facilities. It also provides design, equipment, audit, and general consulting services to some of the nation’s largest property owners and managers. As the parking and transportation management industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, the client was looking to drive more value from their public-facing websites.

Synoptek, in an earlier engagement, had built the client’s original website that enabled it to improve its online presence, showcase its services to existing and new customers, and build their trust. However, over the course of several years, as the client witnessed growth, it acquired other companies and substantially modified the business model. In addition to running and managing its own parking lots, the client soon ventured into parking lot management, helping other companies manage car parks.

To ensure the website aligns with their corporate vision and serves the needs of their target audience better, the facilities management company wanted to rebrand public facing websites. Since Synoptek has been associated with the client for more than 8 years now, the client chose Synoptek again for this rebranding exercise.

Solution and Approach

As the client’s business model changed, Synoptek, through its Managed Services approach, enabled the client’s websites to keep up with what the client was trying to accomplish with its business.

To maintain and improve the performance, security, and reliability of 4 public-facing websites, Synoptek provided Managed Application Support Services including:

New/Custom Development

  • Web applications (Enterprise/Business use and user engagement)
  • Desktop applications
  • Websites (CMS, Marketing, e-commerce)
  • Intranet websites

Development Support and Management

  • Website and web application maintenance, enhancements, and repairs
  • Desktop application maintenance, enhancements and repairs
  • Website content updates and support

Website Future-state Planning

  • Rebranding/rebuilding/redeveloping websites and applications
  • Technology upgrades (re-writing classic ASP to modern ASP.NET)
  • Web hosting
  • Consulting, configuration, maintenance, and support

In addition, Synoptek also created a maintenance plan, monitored the performance of websites through KPIs, and updated them on a regular basis.

Business Results

Using Managed Application Support Services, Synoptek has been able to provide a number of benefits to the facilities management company:

  • Rebuilt 4 websites to match rebranding while maximizing existing investment.
  • Provided better insight into customer churn and ways to prevent/reduce it whenever possible.
  • Enabled client to bridge gaps in existing websites to achieve better growth.
  • Reduced website application downtime through continuous monitoring and management.
  • Increased stability and performance of 4 public-facing websites for better end user experience.
  • Reduced overall development needs by providing robust content management systems maintainable by non-developers.
  • Greatly brought down downtime by repairing /replacing older code and technologies.
  • Reduced page load time by 75% and increased SEO rankings by 4 points.
  • Optimized results through application modernization and enhanced website engagement.
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