Field Sales Mobile App

Improve Efficiency of Field Sales

Synoptek’s field sales mobile app helps enhance enterprise mobility and productivity of sales representatives during customer visits. Provide executives with critical insights into the sales process through better planning and tracking.

From financial services companies to FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) manufacturers, nearly every sales team needs to leverage technology to streamline operations, control costs and overheads, and reduce turnaround time. Mobile sales apps play a key role in all these requirements.

Key Challenges for Field Sales Reps

Time-consuming sales activities can be challenging. Synoptek helps sales representatives take on some of the following common challenges

  • Reduction in sales due to the inability to place orders in real-time
  • High overheads including unnecessary paperwork, phone calls, and visits
  • Manual paper-based sales order entry
  • Inadequate access to valuable customer information
  • Manual and time consuming, sales order entry
  • Inability to perform a demo at the client site
  • Time-consuming sales activity

How It Works

See how the field sales app can help enhance employee productivity, improve access to valuable information, and increase customer satisfaction.

field sales mobile app

Maximize Your Potential with Field Sales

Our field sales mobile app helps increase customer satisfaction, shorten the sales cycle, better utilize employees, and improve business process management with the following:

  • Ability to place and process orders in real-time, complete with delivery dates
  • Inventory and pricing systems to enable the creation of new quotes
  • Instant access to comprehensive customer information and track record
  • Capability to provide on-the-spot invoices and receipts
  • Accurate directions for simpler and stress-free travel
  • Help in time and expense reporting for sales reps
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