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Middle Park Medical Center

A healthcare provider needed to provide 24×7 IT support and reduce the number of outages they were experiencing and at the same time get control of IT operating expenses.

Healthcare IT as a Service by Synoptek

Middle Park Medical Center (MPMC) is a 25-bed critical access hospital system serving patients in Grand and northern Summit County, Colorado, since 1933. Both hospitals in Kremmling and Granby are designated as Level IV Trauma Centers. MPMC also operates three family practice clinics, in Kremmling, Granby and Walden. MPMC is committed to Keeping LIFE Grand and providing the highest quality community care. Synoptek currently provides MPMC with a fully managed “IT infrastructure as a Service”, including 247×7 Managed Services and Help Desk Services.



The Business Challenge

Cost of business downtime

MPMC was experiencing rapidly rising IT monitoring, management, and maintenance costs, frequent outages, as well as being challenged to meet HIPAAcompliance. The situation required MPMC to staff around-the-clock IT staff to remediate and address the increasing number of system performance issues and outage incidents with their IT infrastructure. IT problems was having a negative effect on patient care.

Additionally, failure to address the importance of IT infrastructure and security measures would have put patient records at risk and placed their medical facilities in a position for a potential HIPAA breach. MPMC needed a managed services provider with experience in the healthcare industry, and the tools to improve IT infrastructure, end-user support, and system reliability.

How an outage can cost you

“Downtime” can be defined as the time during which a computer, server or network connection is unavailable for use or fails to perform its primary function.  Calculations for the cost of downtime range from hundreds to thousands of dollars per minute, depending on many variables.

However, the impact can be much more than just hard dollar costs.  Total downtime costs can include:

  • Reduction in Employee Productivity
  • Employee recovery activities
  • Losing future and repeat business
  • Losing existing customers
  • Negative “first impression” customer experience
  • System restoration time
  • IT overtime
  • Temporary help, IT consultants
  • Damaged reputation
  • Low employee morale

Human error, hardware failures, software problems and natural disasters contribute to the reality that each business will experience “downtime” and it is a matter of when, not if.


Outages are critical to Healthcare Providers

The Obama administration spent billions of dollars in federal stimulus money for doctors to convert their records from paper to digital form. Proponents said digital records would reduce costs and improve patient care by smoothing coordination between medical providers and reducing unneeded procedures.

By last year, 78 percent of office-based physicians and 58 percent of hospitals were using an electronic health record system, according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a health care philanthropy organization.

However, the ability to view electronic health records online depends on the reliability of technology companies — which can experience glitches and outages. Healthcare providers face similar risks as other industries that store data in the cloud, but the stakes for doctors are often higher.

One New York doctor who uses an electronic heath records system said the outage could have been “a disaster if you are dealing with life and death situations.”

Several outages have already occurred, and such disruptions will only continue in the coming months as new healthcare applications and patient data keeps growing and its aging equipment is not replaced.  MPMC recognized this and took action.

How did Synoptek solve it?

After a detailed assessment, Synoptek was chosen to begin remediation activities prior to implementing 24×7 Monitoring and Management for MPMC’s complete IT environment. Synoptek’s advanced monitoring tools, along with its 24×7 Service Desk automation platform, quickly identified devices that required attention.

Remediation was implemented swiftly, providing MPMC immediate performance and stability for their IT environment, and contributing to an improvement in patient care, and improved security of EMRs (electronic medical records).

The Results

Baseline data collected during the assessment phase was compared to current metrics and demonstrated enhancements in several key performance categories. Synoptek’s 24×7 Help Desk services contributed by providing quick resolutions to any outstanding user-based issues.

“Synoptek Managed  IT Services, remote monitoring, and management services, along with its 24×7 Help Desk services, will provide a better performing IT environment and achieve a significant cost reduction in MPMC’s IT budget,” said Trampas Hutches, Chief Information Officer at MPMC.

“This improvement in MPMC’s IT operations permits us to now focus on providing excellent healthcare to our communities through safe, personalized and quality services.”

What's next for Synoptek and Middle Park Medical Center

The relationship between Synoptek and Middle Park Medical Center allows the rural healthcare provider to reallocate their IT spending from the management and support of IT infrastructure activities to IT projects that will provide for better patient healthcare services. This is the goal, and Synoptek will continue to provide with the utmost level of service so that MPMC and the communities it serves are able to benefit from this partnership.


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