Faq : Managed Services

What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?


A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a company that assists its customers in managing and operating their IT infrastructure and end-user systems from a remote location. The MSP service is mainly based on a subscription model. Leveraging an MSP is a popular IT strategy used by large enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, as well as government organizations.

What are the Key Benefits of Using an MSP?

Managed IT services are in high demand now because technology service providers as well as the companies that rely on them, have learned, particularly during the pandemic, that implementing technology, managing it consistently, and efficiently running it while attempting to meet business goals is a complex and challenging task. Some of the benefits of using an MSP include:

1. Defined Processes

MSPs have developed operational processes, integrated systems, automation, reporting, and organizational structures that allow them to successfully manage and advance technology at a high service level and with high quality. Many firms simply lack the necessary operational processes, systems, and personnel. As a result, businesses are increasingly turning to MSPs to outsource their technology operations.

2. Skilled and Specialized Workforce

MSPs have a vested interest in learning and researching technology, staying on top of what’s on the horizon, and keeping ahead of the competition. They offer experienced technical resources for a variety of technologies and services, and they use their technical experience to help their clients move their businesses forward with new and creative technology platforms, allowing them to stay ahead of competition and the market.

3. Proactive Management

A decade back, technology service providers were waiting on the sidelines to manage when a client’s technology failed. Today, “managing” technology entails more than just keeping systems up and running; it also includes efficiently adapting them to meet corporate needs. Managed services proactively ensure that a customer’s technology ecosystem is always healthy and functional and that the client’s business processes are consistently improving. The client pays for results with the new-age MSPs. They pay for the correct subject matter experts to assist them in making the most of their cloud technology, high service levels, responsiveness, and the assurance that their systems are not just up and running but also evolving.

4. Better Management of Costs and Needs

MSPs’ set fee structure assures consistent expenses month after month, avoiding large bill spikes or unanticipated investments, especially in difficult times. Furthermore, managed services providers enable expanding and even declining businesses to deal with seasonal unpredictability and scale up or down their services based on current requirements.

The Roadblocks of Using an MSP

The complexity of bringing various technologies together to provide flexibility and variety continues to rise. As a result, businesses are looking for a single, dependable managed service provider who can support complex integrated settings while optimizing their technological expenditures. Information technology management as a service, often known as IT as a Service or ITaaS, is quickly becoming the de-facto norm for how businesses use and manage technology. As a result, selecting the correct MSP is more critical than ever. However, the biggest roadblock that organizations face during this shift is finding the right Managed Services Partner.

A modern MSP must have the following qualities:

  • The latest technical capabilities
  • A large and diverse staff with a wide range of capabilities to meet your requirements
  • The size and scale required to assist you outside of business hours
  • The capacity to work for a long period of time to maintain a high level of support

Selecting Synoptek as a Managed Service Provider

With the end goal in mind, Synoptek ensures that everything — your network, cloud, data, and applications – is secure and in sync.

We oversee the entire technology lifecycle, and we do it using our tried-and-true paradigm for success, which eliminates unpredictability and ensures consistent results. We’re big enough to scale with your needs as they change, yet small enough to go alongside you as a real partner on your digital transformation path.

With Synoptek, you’ll have a single point of contact for all of your IT needs, both now and in the future.