IT Consulting, IT Security, and Managed IT Services

Looking for an Award Winning Managed IT Service Provider, that can support your entire IT environment on a global basis 24×7?  Synoptek is now in Dallas providing blending speed, agility, and simplicity to minimize organizational challenges in scaling and managing information technology infrastructure while actually reducing costs.Synoptek Awards 2017

Synoptek has the experience (20 years) and depth (over 475 employees 90% are IT professionals) to deliver end-to-end services and take responsibility for your service quality.  With access to best-in-class technology experts, toolsets, hardware, and software, Synoptek guides companies for a total, “full-service” IT infrastructure management solution. By full-service we provide:

IT Executive Management Services:

Including Virtual CIO, strategic and tactical advisory services, IT budgeting, cost control, IT infrastructure planning, design, implementation, IT Service Management (ITSM), governance, IT policies, business intelligence, and analysis.

End-to-End IT Infrastructure Management:
24×7 infrastructure monitoring and management of all devices, networking, storage, server, backup and recovery, VoIP.

End-User Device Services:
24×7 Help Desk Services, PC, laptop, mobile device management, on-site, dispatch, file sharing services messaging services, unified communications services.

Cloud Hosting Services:Synoptek Awards 2 2017
Public, Private, Hybrid, managed secondary cloud environments AWS, Azure, clustering, physical and virtual configurations, antivirus, firewall, intrusion protection, load balancing, Tier I-IV data center facilities.

IT Expert Technical Services:
Project-based IT professional services, assessment and remediation, architecture design, platform migration and upgrades, business systems planning and integrations.

Applications Support:
Applications Management, managed database administrator services, custom application support and development, O365, Exchange, SQL, Citrix, Cisco support.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services: 
Disaster Recovery as a Service, disaster recovery planning, design, testing, fail-over solutions to any cloud provider, backup management, message archiving.

Security Management Services:
Compliance with HIPAA, PCI, DSS, more, end-point security management, firewall security management, intrusion detection services, intrusion protection services, web security, single sign on, email security, spam, antivirus, malware, 24×7 Security Operations Center.

Dallas IT Consulting Services

Many IT consulting firms have specialties, so you need to understand their expertise.  You don’t want a consulting firm with a focus on backup and disaster recovery services to work on mobile device support.  IT environments today are so interdependent and interconnected that we recommend selecting a consulting firm with a broad range of experience in many disciplines.

If you want a solution that integrates with your all your IT systems and users make sure they have similar IT operational experience matching this requirement.

Learn more about looking for the right IT Consulting Services firm:

More IT Consulting Services information:

Is your MSP too small?  Why is “full-service” so important?

Best speculations estimate there are between 9,000 – 15,000 Managed Service Providers in the U.S. and about 75% of these companies have fewer than 25 employees.

These companies range from managed mobility services, managed security services, managed printers, network suppliers, email providers, VAR’s, staffing companies, cable TV companies, telecommunications companies, hardware manufacturers, software companies and a few guys that fix computers.

On a regular basis, we hear Dallas companies saying their MSP is too small.

  • Does your MSP have a specialized focus and only the ability to handle a few related IT infrastructure elements?
  • Can your MSP offer end-to-end services, device management, 24×7 help desk, network administration, servers, hosting, disaster recovery, security mobile device management?
  • Can your MSP scale multiple IT infrastructure elements to meet your changing IT requirements? (more users, BYOD security, Apple enterprise support, multiple locations, 24×7 global IT support)contact-us
  • Can your MSP provide you the expertise needed to augment your IT personnel on new projects or platform migrations?
  • Does your MSP have the technical “depth” needed? (platform migrations, data center moves, system upgrades, virtualization, database management, disaster recovery, or security/compliance)
  • Do you get Executive Level IT planning and budgeting designed to support your business goals (this is included with our services)

Synoptek can manage your entire IT environment, including managing your vendors.  No more vendor blaming vendor with Synoptek.  Don’t struggle with MSP’s that are too small or “specialized.”

When we manage everything, you get IT performance guarantees that have real meaning.

Dallas Companies adopting Managed IT Services at an increasing rate

The use of IT Services provided by Managed Service Providers continues to grow.  As technology costs increase and IT becomes more specialized, companies are finding out that by outsourcing many IT functions they are both increasing IT system performance and saving money.  “In-house” IT services are becoming more expensive and harder to support.  Retaining and finding skilled IT staff is becoming an increasing problem.Synoptek Customer Service Awards 3

When purchasing “IT as a Service” when you want more or less of anything IT, you just order it.  These are always operating expenses rather than capital expenditures.  Outsourcing IT infrastructure and tasks including; help desk support, patching, maintenance, monitoring and device management typically saves 17% – 35% of your IT budget.

Synoptek can act as a 24×7 extension of your own in-house IT team.  You will no longer need to focus on reactive day-to-day hardware maintenance. We can help you “rightsize” your IT environment by aligning capacity, growth, and budget down to individual component levels — storage, processing or network resources — that scale at a clear unit cost.

IT Security Services

Use our 24×7 Help Desk Services and our ability to monitor cloud, server, and endpoint devices to have us also provide IT Security Services.  Synoptek’s Managed Security Services will provide you the security that cloud providers do not offer.  Learn more about our complete IT Security Services suite.

Cyber Security is best handled by an Award Winning Managed Service Provider 

One of the best ways to protect yourself is to work with an MSP, with a Cyber Security focus like Synoptek.  Our experience in managing thousands of devices gives us the knowledge to apply the appropriate security software and devices to give you the protection you need. Our 24×7 monitoring can alert you in real-time.

IT Services Management, from a CFO Perspective Network Anomaly Detection Services

Malware, Trojan horses, virus threats all are “defined” in protection programs and then scans occur to detect their existence.  The benefit in using Synoptek’s Network Anomaly Detection Service is that it can provide protection both internally and externally and identify a threat without having to define in advance exactly what the threat might be.

Cloud Hosting for Financial Services Industry Effectively Managing the Costs of Cyber Security Protection

Cyber Security is a rapidly evolving challenge.  Learn how to manage your cyber security risk while using cloud services and at the same time manage your costs. Companies look to us for ongoing guidance, not to sell them tools.  Learn more about the essential protection services you need.

Protect your Applications and Data Files on AWS, Azure

AWS and Azure do not provide all of the security you need.  Learn which critical elements of your IT environment are left unprotected. Understand how IT Security can be applied while using hosting services from these cloud providers.

Does this describe your current IT environment?

  • Is the growth of your data increasing, and your IT infrastructure can’t keep up?
  • Are legacy systems becoming obsolete and harder to support?
  • Are the number of sites, devices, systems and users increasing?
  • As everything is expanding, is your ability to manage risk, security, and compliance also growing?Synoptek Managed Cloud Hosting
  • Does finance want to move from a capital to an operating expense model?
  • Is your existing IT infrastructure fragmented and becoming more complex to manage and monitor?
  • Is IT licensing and support contracts becoming problems?
  • Is it becoming harder to find skilled IT professionals?

Clients in the Dallas area have realized these benefits by using Synoptek’s Managed IT Services:

  • Gained more focus on your core business, augment your existing IT staff
  • Implemented new technology more quickly with fewer issues
  • Taken advantages of the economies of scale by using Synoptek’s toolsets and staff
  • Reduced risk and ensure compliance
  • Have had access to “experienced” IT professionals, when needed
  • Reduced IT staff costs
  • Achieved a competitive advantage typically held by very large enterprises
  • Quickly accessed a depth of expertise and operational rigor they did not possess
  • Obtained Service Level Agreements guaranteeing IT systems performance

If you believe that IT infrastructure is critical to your company and that the management of that infrastructure is equally important, then you want to establish a relationship with a provider like Synoptek that will be a partner with you.