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Synoptek Awards 2017Award Winning Managed Service Provider in Houston

Synoptek is now offering its Award Winning Managed IT Services in Houston, Texas.  We provide Managed IT Services, and IT consulting services that are competitive, comprehensive and cost-effective. Companies in the Houston region will now be able to meet and discuss a new approach to information technology services.  Synoptek offers a full suite of Managed IT Services including; desktop support, network management, BYOD device management, hosting, security, compliance, 24×7 Help Desk support, backups, and Disaster Recovery.

As part of the Energy Industry, High Tech Industry, or if you are starting a company in the Houston region you can now take advantage of Synoptek’s new approach to IT services.  Synoptek provides its managed IT services to companies worldwide.


Managed Cyber Security Services are Critical

Every organization is vulnerable to a cyber-attack.  Cyber-attacks are growing and becoming more frequent, and the hacking community is growing.  There is nothing you can do to get 100 percent protection.

Every organization has “holes” in their IT protection.  There are two elements key to maintaining your operational readiness against a cyber security threat:

  • Visibility – Being able to find, identify and see “into” all of the endpoints (devices) on your corporate network in real-time
  • Control – Assessing the situation and have the staff, skills, and tools to react and respond

For a fixed monthly fee Synoptek provides the “focus,” depth, and security services you need in today’s risky IT environment.contact-us

We provide 24×7 Security Services support using our advanced capabilities monitoring cloud, server, and endpoint devices.  Synoptek’s intrusion protection and intrusion detection IT Security Services will provide you the security that cloud providers do not offer.  Learn more about our complete IT Security Services suite.


Managed Service Providers are best equipped to provide IT Security Monitoring 

Synoptek’s experience in managing thousands of devices gives us the knowledge to apply the appropriate security software and monitoring devices to provide you the protection you need.  We offer intrusion prevention, intrusion detection, and anomaly monitoring services.  Our 24×7 monitoring can alert you in real-time.

IT Services Management, from a CFO Perspective Analyzing file access and network trends can uncover security threats

The benefit in using Synoptek’s Network Anomaly Detection Service is that it can provide protection both internally and externally and identify a threat without having to define in advance exactly what the threat might be.

Cloud Hosting for Financial Services Industry Are you tracking network and server usage to discover security vulnerabilities?

The primary job of the Synoptek SIEM IT Security Service is to act as a “log aggregator” and sort through all of the data and find an event that has possible security implications.

Learn about critical gaps in IT security when using AWS and Azure

AWS and Azure do not provide all of the security you need.  Learn which essential elements of your IT environment are left unprotected. Understand how IT Security can be applied while using managed hosting services from these cloud providers.

Information Technology, does it empower or hinder your business?

Information Technology can change the way your business;

  • CompetesSynoptek Awards 2 2017
  • Operates
  • Communicates

Does your IT play a support role only marginally adding value to your products or bottom-line or is it the core of your competitive advantage?  IT can solve customer service problems, increase margins through better communications or processes, and improve your profitability.

An efficient IT infrastructure has allowed companies to more effectively deploy their assets, created double-digit margin increases by promoting collaboration opportunities with vendors and suppliers.

If you believe your IT infrastructure is critical to your success, then you should Contact Us and start a conversation about how the “IT Professionals” at Synoptek can impact your business.

Did your IT Department Improve your Business last year?IT as a Service from Synoptek

Working with your IT department, we will …

Synoptek wants to do much more than just provide IT services.  Our IT Consulting professionals are brought into client Board and Executive meetings regularly to develop IT strategies that address business goals. Improved customer service, cost control, increased productivity, sales growth, development of competitive advantages can all be attained through a well-disciplined IT strategy and implementation.

Our operational insight gained through our 20 years of technical experience across multiple industries improves our client’s businesses daily.  We want to be your trusted technology advisor acting as an extension of your IT department, making recommendations to drive business performance.

“IT as a Service” (ITaaS)

IT as a Service is the new direction that is transforming how companies view their IT infrastructure, IT operations, and IT staff.  ITaaS represents a comprehensive approach to the acquisition, deployment, and maintenance of IT infrastructure.  “IT as a Service” supports your entire IT environment for a fixed monthly fee, so it is in our best interest, and yours, to keep everything performing without outages.

Key advantages of using Synoptek IT as a Service:

  • Flexibility, turn up or down servers, data storage space, CPU performance as needed
  • Monthly reports on the critical metrics for your entire IT environment
  • Performance, guaranteed in writingcontact-us
  • Reliability, outage guarantees
  • Standardization, refined process, increased efficiency
  • 24×7 support, for most any devices, anywhere
  • Reduction in capital expenses
  • Reduction in training costs by using our staff and experts
  • Fixed monthly rates for services
  • Management of Office 365, Azure, AWS and other vendor services
  • Full network management including telecom vendors
  • Security and compliance are assured
  • Changing your IT focus from managing and maintaining IT infrastructure to completing essential business projects

Why a “Full-Service” MSP, Like Synoptek, is Important to Houston Businesses

Best estimates note there are between 9,000 – 15,000 Managed Service Providers in the U.S. and 75%-85% of these companies have fewer than 25 employees.

These companies range from managed mobility services, managed security services, managed printers, network suppliers, email providers, VAR’s, staffing companies, cable TV companies, telecommunications companies, hardware manufacturers, software companies and a few guys that fix computers that used to work for an energy company.

On a regular basis, we hear Houston companies saying their MSP is too small. Key questions to help make this determination are below:

  • Does your MSP have a specialized focus with only the ability to handle a few IT infrastructure elements?
  • Does your MSP offer Hybrid Cloud Hosting services with a dedicated account representative and 24×7 support?
  • Can your MSP offer end-to-end services, device management (all devices), 24×7 help desk, network administration, servers, hosting, disaster recovery, security mobile device management?Synoptek Customer Service Awards 3
  • Can your MSP quickly scale multiple IT infrastructure elements to meet changing IT requirements? (more users, BYOD security, Apple enterprise support, multiple locations, 24×7 global IT support)
  • Can your MSP provide you the expertise needed to augment your IT personnel on new projects or platform migrations?
  • Does your MSP have the technical “depth” needed? (system migrations, data center moves, system upgrades, virtualization, database management, disaster recovery, or security/compliance, cloud migrations)
  • Do you get Executive Level IT planning and budgeting designed to support your business goals (this is included with our services)

Synoptek can manage your entire IT environment, including managing your vendors.  No more vendor blaming vendor with Synoptek.  Don’t struggle with MSP’s that are too small or “specialized.”

When we manage everything, you get IT performance guarantees (SLA’s) that have real meaning.

Houston can now benefit from a new approach to IT services and outsourcing. Contact Us now to begin a conversation to find out why outsourcing your IT infrastructure to Synoptek will provide you a return on your investment on many levels.

Call 888.796.6783 now and in 15 minutes find out how we can improve your business, not just your IT environment.

Who is Synoptek?

Synoptek has provided Managed IT Services for the past 20 years resulting in over 2,500 active clients, thousands of devices supported and numerous industry accolades. Synoptek provides information technology management services and support to organizations worldwide.

We offer exceptional solutions to manage and operate IT infrastructure using our advanced IT service management (ITSM) capabilities, automated toolsets, and skilled technologists. Our trusted team of IT specialists provides superior end user and device management support to advance your business performance and success.

Today, we work with many Houston businesses across a broad range of industries.   With over 475 employees (90% IT professionals), we work hard to make your IT environment an asset, rather than a liability, so you can focus on reaching your strategic business objectives.

The End to Your Legacy Technology Problem

You want to squeeze all of the value you can benefit from your IT investments.  Where is the point when supporting older equipment and operating systems can lower productivity, increase downtime and create serious security risks?

  • Is your equipment still under warranty?
  • Does it still support current operating systems?
  • Can you quickly find replacement parts?
  • Do you have increased security risks by still running Windows XP or Windows 7?

Stop purchasing equipment and software you will just have to replace again.  Synoptek’s “IT as a Service” provides you all of the IT infrastructure you need, including Office 365, Managed Hosting, 24×7 Help Desk, Security and more. Don’t spend your time and money replacing your IT assets.

Synoptek can provide and manage your entire IT infrastructure (it is less expensive and more efficient this way, and we solve problems quicker) for a fixed monthly fee.  When you need better performance, more storage, more security you just call us.  Purchasing IT as a Service (ITaaS) eliminates all of those budget fights and capital expenses.

IT outsourcing also ensures you get the return-on-investment you expected for your IT infrastructure.  Our multi-million-dollar investment in IT service management systems (ITSM), IT staff and streamlined ITIL-based processes contact-usensures Houston clients get their IT problems resolved quickly and efficiently.


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