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Maximize the value of modern cloud platforms and focus on growing your business.

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Leverage Cloud Transformation and Migration to Reap Brilliant Rewards

Synoptek’s Cloud Transformation and Migration Services allow you to maximize the benefits of cloud capabilities – today and every day. We handle the entire cloud implementation lifecycle with ease: whether you want to move at a moderate pace or migrate your entire business in one go – we can handle your transformation.

No matter what approach you choose, we can make your journey to the cloud seamless at every step, without worrying about interruption, delay, or data loss. Our methodologies ensure your business achieves optimized IT, quickly and efficiently – making new system adaptation quick and painless.

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Our experts carry out thorough analysis of your specific needs and build individual architecture around this analysis, so your business derives the exact services required to function optimally while seamlessly adapting to growth. Leverage our expertise to move away from traditional IT infrastructure and reap the rewards of cloud infrastructure across enhanced flexibility, seamless data access, and optimized costs.

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"We are impressed with the analysis and cost savings Synoptek’s Managed Cloud Services will bring, and we are looking forward to starting the project to move into the cloud.”


Expert Insight

Expert Insight
How to Avoid Cloud Wastage and Overspend
By Darren White and Ken Knox

According to an industry report, an estimated total of $14.1 billion has been predicted to be wasted in cloud overspend in 2019 alone. By 2021, cloud waste is expected to increase by $21 billion. Is your organization a victim of cloud wastage and overspend too? If yes, tune into our on-demand webinar to hear from our cloud experts about minimizing cloud wastage and overspend.

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