Managed Cloud Gateway

Keep pace with today’s disruptions and bring your business up to speed with the latest in cloud.

Align Your IT Infrastructure with Your Business Needs with Synoptek’s Managed Cloud Gateway Services

Synoptek provides Managed Cloud Gateway Services to ensure your cloud infrastructure is constantly aligned with evolving business and market needs. As your Managed Cloud Provider, we help you achieve and maintain secure, dynamic cloud capabilities for your business, so you can operate your business without a hitch and grow with confidence.

We help design and manage your cloud infrastructure that allows for appropriate and continuous scaling, as needs are presented. Our Managed Cloud Gateway Services complement Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure Services with an added layer of risk management, data protection, security services, and long-term strategic planning.

Why Partner with Synoptek

If your current IT infrastructure is restricting you from achieving your business goals, our cloud experts can make all the difference in upscaling your cloud environment and maintaining smooth operations. At Synoptek, we work to ensure your business operates at its optimum level and drives significant efficiencies and competitive advantage. And with our Managed Cloud Gateway Services, we can make that happen.

Expert Cloud resources

Centralized management

AWS and Azure expertise

Robust Cloud frameworks

Tailored Cloud strategies

Customer Speak

"We are impressed with the analysis and cost savings Synoptek’s Managed Cloud Services will bring, and we are looking forward to starting the project to move into the cloud.”


Expert Insight

Expert Insight
5 Simple Ways to Reduce Your AWS Spend
By Darren White, Mark Belanger, and Chris Valdez

Cloud adoption is the way forward – and there are no two ways about it. However, according to an industry report, an estimated total of $14.1 billion was wasted in cloud overspend in 2019 alone. By 2021, cloud waste is expected to increase by $21 billion. For AWS users, with some built-in features, optimizing this wastage becomes easy.

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