Cyber Security

Hackers with malicious code, such as viruses and worms, can break into your company’s data at any time and attack vectors are changing too quickly to contain without a combination of intelligent technologies and proven processes.

In today’s tech landscape, it’s not a matter of whether your data will be compromised, it’s whether you have time to react and contain the attack before it’s too late!  Synoptek specializes in keeping up with the industry leading security tools and processes to protect your systems. There are no guarantees in today’s IT environments, but we can help you identify the risks, and mitigate the damage with edge anomaly detection and anti-evasion techniques to safeguard your business.


Synoptek Provides the following Cybersecurity Services:

Security Program Diagnostics

The internet contains a multitude of threats. Your current IT security is probably based on complex levels of trust and privileged access.  Synoptek provides security leadership to help curate a security design that balances the specific protections you need while keeping your network at its highest functionality.

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Data Privacy Impact Assessment

Synoptek understands the complexity of Data Privacy and can help your organization achieve compliance within shifting GRC landscape. Synoptek has the experience and expertise to help your business deal with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA or other regulations.

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Endpoint Security Protection

Synoptek’s Endpoint Protection Service provides customers with a more thorough and more intelligent defense than the conevtional network security – exactly what is needed to navigate today’s threat landscape with minimal interruptions.

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Cyber Threat Hunting

Synoptek’s security analysts leverage industry-leading AI to detect known and zero-day threats, allowing us to deliver detailed and actionable plans to mitigate risks before they become catastrophic to your business.

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Risk Management Framework

Based on NIST, the Synoptek Security Risk Management Framework delivers services that apply the level of focus necessary to accurately assess an organization’s risk profile and lower these risks.

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Ransomware Defense

Ransomware has sky-rocketed beyond 365% since the second quarter of 2019. Synoptek can help your business defend against the ever-present threat of a cyber ransomware attack.

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Featured case study

Managed Hosting Services Help Web Performance Monitoring Solutions Provider Improve Performance, Reliability, and Scalability

Catchpoint selected Synoptek’s fully managed dedicated hosting services based on their evaluation of Synoptek’s ability to offer rapid deployment, quick response to different situations, a wide and deep technical bench, cost effectiveness and ease of management.

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