Case Study

Vulnerability Assessment Helps a Marketing Technology Company Greatly Minimize Threat Level

Customer: A global data science and marketing technology company Profile: The client delivers self-service software for brands to execute video-centric marketing and optimize business outcomes.

Services: Vulnerability Assessment

Size: 201-500 employees
Region: Chicago, IL
Industry: Technology

Business Need

The client helps leading brands, global agencies, and media owners to identify their most valuable consumers and reach them across channels and devices.

The client’s website was infected with some suspicious activities. Although they restored the web application from backup, they also decided to build a new website with preventive actions for security of the web application.

They approached Synoptek to perform vulnerability assessment of their website and submit a report of all the vulnerabilities along with preventive actions for each of them.

Solution and Approach

Synoptek partnered with the marketing technology company to understand the security gaps in their existing website and provided the required Vulnerability Assessment Services. Synoptek performed the following actions items:

  • Performed security scan with OWASP ZAP tool against the staging web application (exact replica of production).
  • Submitted vulnerability assessment report that categorized vulnerabilities into High, Medium and Low-level.
  • Distinguished false positive vulnerabilities vs. actual exist vulnerabilities.
  • Suggested corrective/preventive action for each of the vulnerabilities identified.
  • Once the client team implemented the suggested preventive action items to their newly developed website and once their new web application was ready, Synoptek performed security scan against the newly developed site.

Business Results

Synoptek’s Vulnerability Assessment Services has enabled the client to get insight into their security gaps and implemented corrective actions – as suggested by the testing team.

  • With the implementation of preventive action against the vulnerabilities, scanning against the newly developed site was successful – with no high level of vulnerabilities.
  • Once the new website was implemented, the client was able to achieve a reduced level of security risk for their production application.

Since timely identification of vulnerabilities, the client has been able to maintain its security posture, minimize threat level, and reduce the impact of security incidents.

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