Cybersecurity Threat Hunting & Management

Cybersecurity is about discovering how attackers are already in your system.

The Importance of Cybersecurity Threat Management

Hackers with malicious code, such as viruses and worms, can break into your company’s data at any time and attack vectors are changing too quickly to contain without a combination of intelligent technologies and proven processes.

In today’s technology landscape, it’s not a matter of whether your data will be compromised, it’s whether you have time to react and contain the attack before it’s too late! Synoptek specializes in keeping up with the industry leading security tools and processes to protect your systems.

Synoptek’s Approach to Cybersecurity Threat Management

Synoptek’s cyber threat hunting service provides your organization with the security expertise and skills necessary to help you manage and maintain your risk management strategy, from inside and outside your organization. Effective threat hunting means being able to quickly and accurately identify a target and neutralizing it, limiting the potential for system compromise. Threat hunting proactively searches for malware and attackers that may already have access to your network while also looking for indicators of compromise that may point to threats before an attack is successful.

Why Choose Synoptek for Cybersecurity Threat Management

Synoptek’s threat analytics processes can detect anomalies within customer networks, including previously unknown “zero-days” and, provide visibility of emerging threats. This shortens the time it takes for containment of threats and limits the extremity and cost of an attack when (not if) it occurs.

The Synoptek cyber threat hunting service expands common industry practices by including advanced technologies and processes that further analyze threats and attack signatures to ensure you have the best protection from being compromised. 

Key Benefits of Cybersecurity Threat Management

  • Detection of emerging cyber-attacks using sophisticated self-leaning mathematics
  • Signature-free probabilistic approaches allow detection of anomalies and abnormal behaviors
  • Real-time alerts as threats arise
  • Powerful visualization platform enables analysis of internal and external threats
  • Network appliance plugs directly into infrastructure and does not require software roll-out

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