Unified Endpoint Security

Designed to detect and response continuously to emerging threats.

As the security threat landscape continues to expand into mobile and virtual computing, the demand for endpoint security becomes more complex. Synoptek’s Unified Endpoint Security (UES) provides customers with several layers of security: (1) endpoint protection (2) endpoint detection and response (3) workforce identity and a (4) secure web gateway (5) to navigate today’s threat landscape with minimal interruptions. Synoptek is continuously evaluating security vendors who are best suited to protect your endpoints, so you don’t have to.

By its nature, the digital landscape is an unsafe and insecure environment, with single-minded threat actors looking for weaknesses in personal and organizational defenses, from zero-day vulnerabilities to social engineering. As an industry-leading security-focused managed service provider, each of Synoptek’s security services are tailored to ensure our clients and their respective operating environments are safe, secure and compliant.

Synoptek’s Approach to Unified Endpoint Security Services

Synoptek’s UES delivers a service partnered with industry-leading preferred vendors and established subject matter experts to help your organization manage and maintain your endpoint risk management posture.

Synoptek has established partners who develop and deliver best-in-class service to its customers in all categories. This includes a scalable solution that helps organizations maintain a strong defensive posture against the growing threat of compromise.

We offer a comprehensive agent and agent-lesssolutions to detect, prevent & respond to endpoint threats. A comprehensive endpoint security solution means providing a well-balanced endpoint protection solution with low productivity impact that leverages all the capabilities of modern anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-evasion, paired with behavioral analytics intelligence gathering to protect, detect and respond to the most sophisticated of endpoint attacks.

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