Production Job Tracking Solution (PJTS)

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Are you in search of an effective solution to manage shop floor jobs?

Production Job Tracking Solution (PJTS), developed as an add-on to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, is an easy-to-use solution that gives you complete visibility and control of a job performed in the manufacturing process. It provides a single screen to monitor and manage all the tasks within a specific job in a production order. With this, users can effectively keep an eye on shop floor job as it progresses from creation to completion.

High-level Functionalities

  • Job Status Tracking and Updating
  • Job Listing
  • Raw-material Consumption
  • Route Utilization
  • Note Attachment
  • Status Resetting
  • Production Re-routing
  • Revision History and Comparison
  • PJTS Reporting

Key Benefits

  • Better visibility into operations
  • Time savings
  • Improved capacity planning
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Reduced manual efforts
  • Improved decision making