Managed Application Support & Maintenance Services

The Importance of Proper Application Support & Maintenance

In today’s competitive and constantly transforming business landscape, having a modern enterprise application in place is essential to enhance business process efficiency and drive customer satisfaction. Maintaining and supporting the application over time is just as important to ensure it keeps pace with changing market trends, industry dynamics, and customer needs. Synoptek offers a range of Managed Application Support Services to ensure mission-critical ERP, CRM, eCommerce and other enterprise systems can sustain and accelerate business results.

Why Choose Synoptek’s Managed Application Support Services?

As a Global Systems Integrator and Managed Services Provider, Synoptek’s comprehensive suite of Managed Application Support Services is all you need to ensure your enterprise application is constantly updated and monitored. Synoptek’s team of highly qualitied ERP and CRM consultants bring with them years of experience and expertise across enterprise application monitoring and management, assessment and remediation, 24×7 cloud application support, business continuity and disaster recovery services, system performance, and other critical management tasks.

Our efficient and highly qualified Managed Application Support team is inclined towards providing the solutions that dramatically lower application maintenance cost – both for physical and digital assets. With technical know-how of the complex web of enterprise applications, our skilled consultants can help you make the most of your enterprise application and deliver delightful user experiences.

Synoptek’s Approach to Managed Application Support

Enterprise applications can be a great advantage for businesses, but they are known to fetch long-term results only when they are supported around-the-clock. We understand the constant support and upgrades your business applications need to stay relevant in a dynamic world; therefore, we provide services to maintain and support your application in a way that enhances customer loyalty.

Contact a Managed Application Support Expert

Synoptek’s Managed Application Support Services provide you with ongoing management and monitoring, as well as proactive maintenance to ensure your mission critical ERP and CRM systems are able to accelerate business results. We take a transformational approach towards providing Managed Application Support Services; by striving for continuous improvements, innovations, and updates, we help you stay relevant and updated in today’s competitive business landscape.

Developing a Strategy for Supporting and Maintaining Applications

Using the right support strategy and employing an innovative approach to application support, we make sure to upgrade and update your systems such that they meet your consumer’s expectations and reach beyond your competitors. We can help automate time-consuming processes, modernize workflows, and suggest and implement application enhancements and improvements to make your processes more competent and your business more responsive.

Whether you need ongoing monitoring and maintenance, achieve cost savings, or improve user experience, we can provide the support you need to ensure your system is always running smoothly. We make use of industry-standard service delivery metrics to increase transparency and accountability and increase your capacity to prioritize and resolve issues.

Since application support requirements in today’s digital world are as much about increasing productivity as they are about improving the quality of services, at Synoptek, we make sure our Managed Application Support team works closely with you to maximize value from your application investment. Together, we identify issues and challenges and carry out root cause analysis, implement service improvements, enhance processes, improve security controls, and more.

Our Key Managed Application Support & Maintenance Services Include:

  • On-going Monitoring and Maintenance
  • User Management and Access Control
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Vendor Management
  • 24×7 Helpdesk Support

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