Big Data Engineering

Leverage modern data management systems to unearth critical insights from ever-growing volumes of data.

Manage Big Data with Ease

Synoptek offers a comprehensive range of Big Data Engineering Services to help companies leverage modern data management systems and generate valuable business insights from their growing data volumes. We can replace your costly and complex data warehouse infrastructure and turn your big data pipelines into robust systems that pave the way for advanced analytics.

Not only do we help determine which data management systems are best for your organization, we aid in implementing, migrating, managing, and supporting them – as required. Our Big Data Engineering experts can help you aggregate and integrate data and analyze them using advanced analytics and algorithms, so you can leverage meaningful insights to make the right business decisions.

Why Partner with Synoptek

Synoptek’s data scientists and big data analytics consulting experts can help you navigate all stages of your big data journey: right from strategy building, roadmap planning, and technology evaluation to platform customization and implementation. Our big data solutions are easily adaptable for all industries, positioning you as a leader in enhancing customer needs.

Worked with 100 million records

Built 100+ different kinds of advanced analytics models

Seasoned and certified consultants

Flexible delivery model

Faster turnaround time

Our Big Data Engineering Services

  • Big Data Planning: Synoptek’s Big Data Consulting Services can help you with all stages of big data planning, including envisioning, problem assessment, scenario planning, and testing.
  • Big Data Collection: Synoptek has specific processes to collect structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data generated by people and computers via proven methods that are aligned to your business model and meet the required data safety requirements.
  • Big Data Processing: The Synoptek team is well-versed in processing techniques and programming models to process large-scale data to extract meaningful insights that support and deliver timely and accurate decisions.
  • Big Data Analysis: Using modern analytics tools and techniques, Synoptek helps process raw data and analyze processed data to transfer, visualize, and query information with ease.
  • Big Data Innovation: Synoptek’s Big Data Consulting team can help you progress on your big data innovation journey using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and other emerging technologies.
Big Data Engineering Services

Customer Speak

"This is a huge accomplishment, Synoptek Team. What an improvement to job performance updates and other ETL jobs! Thank you all so much for your efforts – it’s always good to see the impact that you are making to our organization’s effectiveness. I hope each of you takes some time to reflect on and be proud of your work!”


Expert Insight

Expert Insight
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