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Software is now incorporated into almost every product we use, so it is best to be up to date.

Software systems are necessary to manage and serve your customers, employees, and operations. In many cases, software is your product or service. Today, you likely have dozens if not hundreds of custom-built solutions that augment your enterprise applications.

Why You Need Product Launch Services

In order to manage this portfolio of applications, you may need a partner who can carefully manage your applications so that you can focus on your business and product launches. Furthermore, a partner like Synoptek can help bring design and develop the software for your new innovations. As your business evolves, we will make sure your software evolves with you.

Synoptek’s Approach to Product Launch Services

Our strategic approach to product launches and application development matures your application development and management practices. Our leading application strategy team has helped hundreds of companies navigate this complex landscape of custom solutions. If you are unsure of how to incorporate and manage software in your business, our product launch consulting service is a great place to start.

Synoptek’s Product Launch Consulting Services Include:

  • Product Ideation
  • Application Portfolio Assessments
  • Cloud Rationalization Analysis (6 R’s)
  • Business Case Analysis for Custom vs. Off Shelf
  • Application Shelf-Life Analysis
  • Application Architecture Analysis
  • DevOps Analysis

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