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Innovative tech can make or break your business and can quickly set you apart as a trailblazing leader of your industry. Our agile methodologies can quickly produce a working prototype to help you get your product to market as fast as possible.

Why Choose Synoptek’s Product Development Services

Through our world-class customized product and software development framework and methodologies, we help you reduce your product lifecycle and improve your release management. Using DevOps best practices, we make software development both efficient and cost-effective.

We are proud to work on product development for disruptive companies, giving them the tools needed to compete against entrenched industry players – and win.

From Fortune 500s to startups, Synoptek provides technology leaders the assurance of trusted, proven collaboration to produce integrated software solutions. The way that individuals interact with software is defining brands, customer experiences, and determines customer retention, which inevitably impacts bottom lines and revenue.

Synoptek’s Approach to Product & Software Development Consulting

At Synoptek, we recognize that the intersections of IoT, artificial intelligence, mobility, cloud, and big data are defining the innovation of the future. And, our team has the capabilities to decrease product life cycles while increasing end-user experience by partnering for prototyping, UI/UX modernization, new product development, modernization or product re-engineering, or QA/testing.

Our product development services will support the entire product development lifecycle, QA/testing, or just parts you need to scale or supplement your existing processes. With a well-defined process of development supported by up-to-date coding guidelines, software development best practices, industry-standard toolsets and transparent communication & status reporting, our team is well equipped to create scalable solutions.

Whether Agile, Modified Waterfall, or Scrum methodologies, our goal is for you to be satisfied and the product to be developed on your timeline. Bring us your requirements, and we’ll serve as your scale up-or-down, multi-skilled partner to co-build a quality, tested product.

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Seamlessly Manage The Entire Software Development Life Cycle

Synoptek Provides the Following Software Development Services

Product Launch Consulting

Your business is developing and deploying dozens of custom software driven solutions. Developing a strategy around the lifecycle, adoption, and security of these applications is critical to the success – and potential existence - of your business.

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Product Development Consulting

Whether you are a Fortune 500 or a startup, your business relies on connected, intelligent, and integrated software solutions, and customers rate their satisfaction based on experiences with your products and services. The software-based products of today can define brands, customer experiences, and employee satisfaction, ultimately playing a significant role in customer and employee retention.

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Quality Assurance Consulting

Struggling to ensure QA across your web, desktop and mobile apps? Synoptek’s expert team offers comprehensive QA services to ensure your products meet consistent quality standards and always deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Application Lifecycle Management

With Synoptek’s comprehensive ALM Services, you can deliver high quality applications and meet the needs of your customers without sacrificing speed or agility.

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Website Development and Management

Building modern websites has become a business prerogative for enterprises today; so is being able to support and manage it to meet the changing needs of customers. A website that ensures 24x7 availability, reliability and performance is the need of the hour.

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Product Development Technologies

Microsoft .NET

As the demands of the digital customer sky-rocket, embracing tools and technologies that enable development of cutting-edge web and mobile solutions has become a business prerogative. Synoptek offers a range of cutting-edge .Net design, development and support services, so organizations can drive maximum value their your .Net applications.

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For companies looking to build well-designed web applications, embracing PHP's modern capabilities is the perfect way to strengthen web presence. Synoptek offers a comprehensive suite of PHP Services that spans across development, management, integration, support, and maintenance, so you can keep up with the growing demands of your tech-savvy customers.

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As the need for building modern web, mobile, and desktop enterprise applications escalates, Java helps meet the required level of performance, speed, and functionality while enabling organizations to reduce costs and drive innovation. Synoptek provides a comprehensive suite of Java Development and Support Services to help such organizations respond to changing market needs with agility and meet the needs of modern customers.

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