Case Study

Custom Application Development Services Help a Marketing Software Startup Improve Collaboration and Efficiency

Customer: A marketing performance management company Profile: A marketing software startup that focuses on providing turnkey solutions for the unique challenges B2B marketers face

Services: Custom application development

Size: <50 employees
Region: Austin, TX
Industry: Marketing technology

Business Need

As a startup focused on aggressive growth and timelines, the marketing software company provides turnkey SaaS solutions that make B2B marketing organizations more effective. One of their core products is a SaaS based tool, which is designed to strengthen ties between marketing and sales, providing insight into the performance of campaigns and allowing for better decision making during the marketing cycle.

The marketing software company had to get their product to market in a timely and efficient manner – without cutting corners when it came to quality. With the rapid growth in the marketing software landscape, more and more competitors were being introduced every day, and the marketing software company needed to find a way to stand out in the crowd without running their resources dry.

In order to ensure that the SaaSbased tool was released on time and had top-of-the-line functionality, the marketing software company sought strategic support in several crucial areas of development.

Solution and Approach

Synoptek provided support throughout the entire development process of creating a marketing tool that improves visibility and increases effectiveness through its simplified suite of budgeting, calendaring, demand modelling, marketing mix optimization, and reporting solutions. The tool also centralizes marketing planning while having the ability to connect to an existing marketing automation platform (MAP) and/or customer relationship management (CRM) system(s) for a fully integrated marketing execution and performance management platform. Synoptek (formerly Indusa) supported the marketing software company throughout the entire process in order to ensure that their specifications and goals were met. Providing around-the-clock support and skills by utilizing teams across multiple continents ensured that the tool would meet its go-to-market goals, by cutting the amount of time needed to accomplish certain tasks.

The marketing software company had several specific features they wished to build, including an interactive calendar, reporting tool, and integration across multiple platforms. Synoptek  worked closely with company’s leadership in order to create these modules to their specifications and standards.

The calendar featured an overview of marketing activities spread throughout the year with quick filtering and access to details as needed. This allows marketers to gain better insights into their activities by using the developed software.

The reporting module was also created with the ability to generate real-time data and export the results as needed – allowing marketers to monitor their progress and lead conversion rates.

Synoptek also built an integration platform for the developed tool so it seamlessly integrates with various third party tools and platforms by interacting with their respective APIs. Therefore, the tool is capable of integrating with marketing tools like Eloqua, Marketo, Salesforce, and other systems in order to help create a campaign in the application, push the campaign into the lead management system, and pull results back into the application. The developed tool enables synchronization between CRM and MAP to gather relevant data and measure performance of the campaigns, making it a dynamic and versatile platform.

Through all of these modules, the developed tool has evolved into a highly efficient and innovative marketing platform, unlike anything the market has yet to see.

Business Results

By partnering with Synoptek, the marketing software company was able to ensure their product had innovative functionalities as well as a timely release. The modules Synoptek supported for the developed gives users strategic alignment with improved collaboration, as well as seamless integration between the marketing automation tools and CRM tools available in the market. By using the real-time analytic functions, customers can better review their campaigns, budgets, and performance – increasing their efficiency and revenue. Collaborating with Synoptek allowed the marketing software to create a marketing software that was optimized for ROI and empowered users’ decision-making efforts. The marketing tool was released and gained success in the marketing software landscape. The product earned the marketing software company a “Cool Vendor” award from Gartner in 2015, and the company continues to gain traction with customers and investors.


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