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We understand the challenges technology companies face on a daily basis in a fast paced and global environment. Implementing and managing commodity IT technologies adds costs and ties up your precious IT resources on tasks that will not increase your revenue or give you a competitive edge in the industry. Technology companies need to focus on building the applications and services that provide the greatest value to their business, while managing costs.

Synoptek delivers IT management and support services that allows companies in the tech industry to better serve clients, focus on growth, and add value to their business, with a reliable and more efficient IT infrastructure.  With 20 years of IT technology experience for technology-based companies, we understand supporting your IT infrastructure takes a 24×7 effort.

Benefits for Your Business:Synoptek Managed Services for Technology Companies

  • Gain secure access to critical information from any device
  • Performance and security on all of your IT systems
  • Reduce operational and capital expenses with advanced managed services capabilities
  • Protect vital information by using our secured storage data centers
  • Industry compliance
  • Save money by using an advanced IT architecture
  • Quickly scale for backups and data storage
  • Get real-time U.S. based 24×7 support to address service issues
  • Gain access to our $1 million investment in the latest IT monitoring and management toolsets that keep everything working
  • Reduce capital expenditures and get a fixed IT services budget– know how much IT is costing your organization

IT Infrastructure as a Service

Synoptek blends speed, agility, and simplicity to minimize organizational challenges in scaling and managing information technology infrastructure, while effectively reducing costs. With access to best-in-class technology experts, toolsets, hardware, and software.

Does your technology company have the budget, staff and focus to create:Optimize the Cloud with Synoptek

  • An IT infrastructure designed to diagnose and remediate problems quickly and efficiently?
  • An IT infrastructure designed for reliability with the ability to quickly scale?
  • An optimized IT infrastructure continuously measured against specified service levels?
  • An experienced IT team to seamlessly integrate new IT infrastructure with legacy systems?
  • A “core focus” of improving IT operations processes and IT staff training?
  • Established practices in using infrastructure security management services?
  • A team experienced in IT infrastructure patching, upgrades and migrations?
  • An advanced IT Service Management (ITSM) framework specifically designed to manage a diverse IT infrastructure environment?
  • A team continually improving IT infrastructure design and increasing IT “value”?

Synoptek’s Managed IT Infrastructure Services provide all of these features and more for a fixed monthly price.  Synoptek takes a different approach, serving as a trusted advisor to its clients offering value, innovation, assurance, and integrity in every customer interaction.

Is IT as a Service (ITaaS) a good fit for your technology company?Synoptek IT as a Service

A technology company, even with resident IT skills, must keep focused on the execution of their business model.  Implementing, managing and maintaining IT systems is both expensive and inefficient.  Synoptek provides affordable and technically proficient IT services to technology companies.  Our performance is guaranteed in writing.

Below are some characteristics we observed in our technology clients that encouraged them to come to Synoptek for our managed IT services.  Does your tech company have some of these characteristics?

  • Is the growth of your data increasing, and your IT infrastructure cannot keep up?
  • Are legacy systems becoming obsolete and harder to support?
  • Are the number of sites, devices, systems and users increasing?
  • As everything is expanding, is your ability to manage risk, security and compliance also growing?
  • Does finance want to move from a capital to an operating expense model?
  • Is your existing IT infrastructure fragmented and becoming more complex to manage and monitor?
  • Is maintenance more burdensome and licensing, and support contracts becoming problems?
  • Is it becoming harder to find skilled IT professionals?

If you accept that your IT infrastructure is critical to your technology company and that the management of that infrastructure is equally important, then you want to establish a relationship with a provider like Synoptek that will be a partner with you, and not a faceless vendor who just sells commodity solutions.

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