Magento Support and Enhancement Services Help A Digital Media Company Revolutionize its E-commerce Website Performance

January 19, 2018 - by Synoptek

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Customer: A global leader in specialized business news and information Profile: The B2B integrated digital media company delivers premium content to professionals in the legal, real estate, consulting, insurance, and investment advisory industries.


Industry: Media and Marketing
Services: Magento E-commerce

Business Need

The client is a media and intelligence firm that deals with critical news, data, analysis, marking solutions, and events. It manages various e-commerce websites that offer the best selection of regional magazines, newspapers, and journals.

The company needed developers and dedicated professionals to support and maintain its mission-critical Magento websites. Moreover, low-security features and hacking and security threats affected the functionality of the websites. The company wanted to enhance the overall performance of their websites by applying adequate security measures.

The company was searching for a Magento support and enhancement services provider that could provide a dedicated team of certified Magento specialists to monitor their e-commerce websites round-the-clock, secure them by regularly installing security patches, and ensure they work smoothly without any downtime.

Solution and Approach

To help the media company effectively manage, secure, and enhance its e-commerce website portfolio, Synoptek provided dedicated Magento support and enhancement services.

Ongoing support and maintenance services:

  • Source Code Analysis:

    Synoptek provided both automated and manual source code analysis to ensure that the code is checked for errors (such as CRSF or SQL injection) before it enters a production environment, minimizing the risk of both downtime and possible exposure to potential compromise.

  • Performance Optimization:

    We helped the media company in optimizing the database, cache, web server, and content, resulting in higher page loading speed of websites.

  • Vulnerability Scanning:

    Synoptek provided a regular scanning service using best-of-breed tools to identify and isolate possible security vulnerabilities.

  • Security Patching:

    New patches were regularly installed to protect the e-commerce website from possible attacks and make it more secure.

  • Bug Fixing: Bug fixing activities included:
    • Tracking: Tracing the location of the bugs and analyzing its technicalities and nature
    • Debugging: Implementing high-end tools and methods to remove errors
    • Revamping: Repairing the website with fresh code after removing the bugs

Enhancement Services:

  • Implementing Advanced Search Feature:

    Synoptek developed a robust search interface with extensive search capabilities like faceting and intuitive filtering, enabling users to perform searches quickly. The websites were integrated with the Apache SOLR search server, which offers lightning-fast response time to search requests. Its text analyzing capabilities such as automatic term stemming, spell-correction, synonym search, and multi-lingual analysis enable users to enter a free text search and quickly retrieve items of interest.

  • Integrating Payment Gateway on the Website:

    The website was integrated with PayPal to allow users to easily transfer funds in a secure manner over the internet. This provided the media company with a trusted, reliable source to process payments. Users can make online transactions by paying with a wide variety of credit and debit cards, while also having the option to pay with their PayPal balance.

Business Results

Synoptek’s Magento support and enhancement services ensure that all facets of the media company’s online presence are taken care of, in order to gain maximum benefit from its website portfolio.

  • With a team of Magento experts handling routine maintenance tasks, the company staff is free from solving technical challenges. This has considerably reduced the need for additional in-house resources and helped save on labor costs.
  • Synoptek experts track all Magento-related critical and recommended updates, including those throughout the official Magento store and all relevant 3rd-party software and extensions. When an update is released, or a new threat occurs, Synoptek is alerted immediately and takes necessary steps to ensure these updates and security patches are updated quickly and safely.
  • Integrating the Apache SOLR search server with the media company’s websites has provided users with a high-performance search functionality. They can work smoothly with navigation and filters, and easily identify an item based on specifications.

Overall, Synoptek’s proactive approach to website support and enhancement has helped the media company identify issues and solve them before they impact and cause disruption. This has considerably reduced downtimes and resolution timescales.

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