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10 Benefits of Engaging a Cloud Managed Services Provider

June 13, 2023 - by Synoptek

As technology continues to evolve, organizations need to accelerate their digital trajectories to provide measurable benefits for their customers. But, to constantly innovate and drive their strategy, most do not have the IT capabilities, bandwidth, or resources to strike the perfect balance between their business and technology needs.

10 Benefits of Engaging a Cloud Managed Services Provider

What Is Cloud Managed Services?

To keep up with the rapid pace of technology disruption, organizations struggle to manage costs and risks, attract and retain top IT talent, and protect their enterprise against the ever-expanding threat landscape.

Organizations that look to envision a technology-centric future and transform their business using IT as a catalyst need to partner with an experienced and skilled Cloud Managed Services Provider (MSP).

Simply put, cloud-managed services are outsourced services that provide support and management for cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and platforms.

What Exactly Is a Cloud Managed Service Provider?

A Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a trusted third-party company that handles the management of a client’s IT infrastructure and systems remotely. A cloud provider not only carries out a thorough evaluation of your current IT landscape but also implements the required solutions and manages them consistently, so you can efficiently meet your business goals.

Why opt For Cloud Managed Services?

If your company has made the shift into the cloud, you are going to need the support to maintain, protect and analyze your infrastructure at a high standard. A competent Cloud MSP (Managed Service Provider) takes care of a variety of tasks including operations management, hosting and implementation, on-demand engineering, and the speedy evaluation of data. By offering help with a 24/7 full-service IT department, a reputable Cloud MSP will offer the help you need to make sure your cloud-enabled business is running smoothly.

If you are wondering why you need to engage with a Cloud MSP and not just any Cloud Service Provider or CSP, here’s what you need to know:

  • CSPs provide basic services to organizations to help them with cloud computing needs. These services are all accessed via the Internet and provide a software platform that is highly customizable and geared toward the needs of the customer.
  • MSPs deliver ongoing service support including infrastructure management and security via ongoing active administration. Often these service providers manage services 24/7 in specific IT-related functions such as data storage, financial services, management services, and more.

Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Managed Services Provider

The main difference between MSPs and CSPs is that an MSP manages the technology and infrastructure that you own while a CSP offers access to the technology and infrastructure that they own. That being said, let’s uncover the benefits you will have access to once you engage with a Cloud MSP:

1. On-demand Access to Expertise

With a Cloud Managed Services Provider, you get on-demand access to experienced and qualified resources with deep domain knowledge in your area of expertise. These resources not only help develop a tailored blueprint to help you meet larger business goals, but they also provide timely strategic guidance and implement a proven set of processes, so you can harness the full power of your IT ecosystem.

2. Exceptional Cost-savings

Access to the resources and tools you need, when you need them, is a great way to enable cost savings. With a Cloud Managed Services Provider, you no longer need to spend the time, effort, or money in finding expert IT talent, hiring them, and upskilling them to reduce churn. Additionally, you can cut down on upfront capital investments while also streamlining your monthly operational bill by leveraging the pay-per-use model.

3. Business Agility and Resilience

With a Cloud MSP, you can also drive high levels of business agility and resilience. Since a partner usually would have a robust network infrastructure with 24/7 management, you can be sure to have them monitor and scan the underlying technology and ensure you comply with the necessary industry and regulatory standards. A partner can also ensure your IT systems are reliable and sturdy and functioning at par with current trends.

4. Automatic Upgrades and Updates

A Cloud Managed Services Provider also ensures your IT infrastructure is up to date. By investing in your company, a partner will make efforts in implementing the latest security patches and updates and also suggest system upgrades – as and when they’re available. Such automatic upgrades and updates make sure you never fall behind; they also help prevent costly downtime while enhancing the security of your servers and networks.

5. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

The pandemic has made it very clear that any unexpected event can bring all types of businesses to a screeching halt. A Cloud Managed Services Provider can help your business stay operational – despite the occurrence of an outage, a hacking attempt, or a crashed server. Regular backup of data onto the cloud can help protect precious data while ensuring employees and customers continue to enjoy uninterrupted service.

6. Cybersecurity Support

Cloud Managed Services Providers also provide cutting-edge cybersecurity support that can safeguard you from the growing number of attacks while also strengthening the security foundation of your business. Since a provider has a thorough knowledge of your IT infrastructure along with updated information on present-day threats, you can be sure to minimize the risk of losing sensitive and valuable data to hackers and other cybercriminals. By implementing adequate security controls such as antivirus software, encryption, and multi-factor authentication, a provider can protect your business and proactively spot signs of an attack.

7. Seamless Scalability

Cloud Managed Service Providers also make it easy for businesses to meet the increased demand for products and services. The ability to scale storage and compute resources means you can easily meet your demands – irrespective of what time of the day or what season of the year. With a provider in tow, you no longer have to worry about limited space, costly infrastructure, or slow rollouts. You can be sure of having the right systems and products to keep up with the growing (or shrinking) requirements of your business.

8. 24/7 Support

Another critical benefit of partnering with a Cloud Managed Services Provider is receiving 24/7 support. Most cloud services need continuous technical support which means if major problems arise during or after business hours, you can have them rectified in time. A provider will not only find a workaround as an immediate solution but also make necessary changes, so you don’t encounter the problem again.

9. Improved Response Times

With a Cloud Managed Services Provider, your business can expect quick response times. Enterprise-wide monitoring via remote cloud services means IT experts are constantly monitoring your IT ecosystem and repairing issues – as and when they occur. Also, since most cloud providers make use of automation, you do not have to worry about breaching SLAs or disgruntled employees and customers. Your provider will offer exceptional control over service levels, performance, and maintenance while ensuring the IT foundation of your business is always robust.

10. Seamless Vendor Relations

Today’s Cloud MSPs maintain good relations with IT vendors. So, if you find yourself facing vendor-specific service issues, your provider will take care of them in a quick and seamless manner. Your provider will get in touch with third-party vendors, ask the right technical questions, and also work with them to resolve issues in time. At the same time, your provider can help implement changes, so you can focus on growing your business.

Moving Forward with Cloud Managed Services

The pressure to undergo digital transformation is widespread. Although most organizations have now realized how important it is for them to transform themselves, not everyone has the time, money, or capabilities needed for successful transformation. For such organizations, partnering with a qualified Cloud Managed Services Provider is a great way to drive the right results. A partner can recommend tried and tested plans and industry best practices to protect your enterprise, optimize resources, and grow your business by maturing processes and capabilities. A partner can also help in redefining operational processes, integrating systems, and evolving technology in a high service level, high-quality manner.

Whether your business is thinking of making the leap to the cloud or your journey has already begun, Synoptek’s Cloud Strategy Consulting Services can help

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