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Business Central ERP: Overcoming Your Hesitations

November 23, 2021 - by Synoptek

Business Central ERP is quickly becoming the go-to enterprise system for organizations looking to empower people with cutting-edge capabilities, streamline operations, and effectively engage with customers. This modern, intelligent, and adaptable solution is just what organizations need to make smart decisions and grow their business. And while upgrading to Business Central ERP is the way to go, some organizations are yet to make the switch. Read on to learn what holds organizations back and the challenges that one can overcome with Business Central.

The Need to Switch and Why Organizations Hesitate

Over the years, enterprises across the globe have been implementing innovative enterprise systems to improve their business outcomes. Although a solution like Business Central has a lot to offer, not all businesses are 100% ready for it. Here are the top three reasons organizations need to make the switch but are hesitant:

1. Legacy Systems

One of the biggest challenges that hold organizations back is the presence of legacy systems. These outdated and old-fashioned systems no longer offer the features and capabilities needed to function in today’s world. In fact, they are the primary reason for stunted growth, and need to be modernized as soon as possible to enable the agility and scalability required in the digital era.

2. Poor Integration

Having multiple and disparate IT systems that cater to a specific need also deliver several disadvantages to any business. These siloed systems often lead to poor morale, wasted employee productivity, lack of real-time visibility and a pressing need to manipulate data in order to ensure seamless integration.

3. Security Concerns

Many businesses, if they haven’t already done so, are considering moving to cloud-based IT systems. But concerns around security of the cloud and in the cloud often restrict them from making the much-needed move. The fear of not having transparency into cloud workloads and the loss of control are also major apprehensions that restrict businesses from embracing a modern system like Business Central.

The Benefits You Can Unlock with Business Central ERP

From the beginning of the pandemic, and even now, reducing operational costs while maintaining the health and safety of the workforce has been the top most priority for many businesses. Although most plans to upgrade out-dated ERP systems were left stagnant because of different reasons, many are starting to face the brunt of the pandemic – due to the presence of siloed and legacy systems. If you want to be prepared to overcome the challenges being put forth, it’s about time to consider upgrading your ERP system. Here are the benefits you can unlock by moving to Business Central ERP:

1. Scalability

Investing in a highly scalable system like Business Central can open doors to unmatched business growth. With a monthly subscription fee, you can easily add or remove users as needed and leverage extensive functionality that grows with you as your business grows. With several multi-company or multi-currency options, you can carve your very own growth story – across business units and regions.

2. Adaptability

Like any other Microsoft platform, Business Central offers seamless integration with existing and upcoming systems in your IT landscape. As a complete business management tool that connects sales, service, finance, and operations teams, Business Central can help you adapt faster to evolving market trends and economic conditions – and deliver results faster.

3. Security

Another aspect that makes Business Central an extremely sought-after solution is its built-in security. With Business Central, you can easily protect your database and the information it contains from unauthorized access and use. You can also encrypt data that the system uses and integrate highly secure security and compliance requirements based on your unique business requirements.

4. Visibility

Business Central ERP delivers business insights from across the organization. By constantly gaining access to real-time data and extracting information in the form of reports and dashboards, it provides a detailed understanding of existing challenges and upcoming opportunities. Businesses can take full advantage of these reporting capabilities and get the visibility they need to improve processes, ensure compliance, and create personalized customer experiences.

5. Efficiency

If you want to improve productivity and efficiency, reduce operating costs, and optimize inventory levels, Business Central ERP can help in achieving all this, and more. By enabling organizations to have a better idea of how their business works, it provides recommendations of what process improvements can be made, and where. It also makes it easier for enterprises to track and measure KPIs and leverage them to improve interactions with stakeholders, build new operating models, and generate new revenue streams.

Making the Most of Business Central with a Qualified Partner

Investing in a cutting-edge and intelligent platform like Business Central can pave the way for improved business performance, unmatched security, and seamless visibility, scalability, and adaptability. If you want to make the most of these capabilities, you need to engage with a qualified partner who can help you move away from your legacy systems and focus on change management. Contact us today and allow us to replace stagnation, performance, and efficiency challenges you’ve been facing with the modern and innovative capabilities of Business Central ERP.

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