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Juxto: Enable Enterprises with Real-Time Cloud Communication Capability

February 5, 2020 - by Synoptek

Connectivity is the ‘thing’ in the digital age. With the modern workforce distributed across the globe, connectivity becomes the driving force for collaboration. The traditional business telephone equipment, such as a private branch exchange (PBX), can no more provide the connectivity and flexibility that the modern workforce needs.

This is where cloud telephony services come into the picture. Initially, used for business processes such as e-commerce, human resources, and payment processing, cloud telephony services are now extensively being used to help businesses connect, collaborate, and scale across locations and devices. Juxto is one such cloud-based solution that enables enterprises to drive real-time communications on the move.

Juxto offers interesting features as well as flexibility. But before we move into discussing Juxto’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP), let’s understand what Juxto as a technology solution brings to the table for enterprises looking for collaborative communication for their geographically distributed teams.

Moving to Cloud Telephony: 3 Key Benefits of Choosing Juxto

The main reason for enterprises to move to cloud telephony is to make it easy for their teams to communicate using voice, data and video collaboration – securely and reliably – without the need for a special device or expensive maintenance plans.


Modern workforce comprises of people across continents – in different time zones. Because they need to work together, they need the flexibility to operate from anywhere, anytime. With Juxto, everyone can be connected with each other at all times by simply using state-of-the-art apps on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Juxto can also be integrated into multiple 3rd-party software packages already being used in an enterprise.

Business Connectivity

While an antiquated phone system may take ages to restore in case of hardware damage due to an unforeseen situation, with Juxto – there is no such risk. As the solution is web-based, teams can log in securely in any situation, anytime, from anywhere.

Freedom From Administrative Headaches

With a cloud communications service provider on-board, enterprises don’t need to spend time and money on people who would manage their phone system – 24×7.

Juxto’s ‘All-Inclusive’ Approach

Juxto is designed to meet the needs of enterprises of all sizes. It offers enterprise-class features with a flexible pricing model.

Carrier-Grade Technology

Juxto is built using ‘carrier-grade’ technology that is highly reliable, thoroughly tested and proven in its capabilities. Juxto offers Microsoft certified carrier-grade technology with 99.999% uptime, which is an industry benchmark.

Unique Features

Juxto offers superior conferencing, collaboration, and call management options. With Juxto, users can switch from one active call to another immediately without any glitch. Features such as integrated click-to-dial, call routing rules customization, and voicemail transcription makes Juxto suited for an enterprise setup.

Flexible Pricing and Feature Model

For small and medium-sized enterprises that don’t wish to pay beyond a certain budget, Juxto offers the ‘pay-as-you-go’ There is no pressure to sign a pre-paid, annual contract with a minimum number of users, which is a general trend amongst Juxto’s competitors. Juxto, in fact, allows users to pick and choose from their wide range of features and integrations for surplus charges. All users can simply pay for what they use and add or remove services when needed.

Superior Customer Service

Juxto offers superior on-line as well as on-call support to the customers. Users are encouraged to raise tickets even for minor issues – instead of seeking self-help online.

Single-Vendor SLA

With Juxto, enterprises can get all their cloud telephony services under a single SLA. This eliminates their need to invest time and money into finding vendors for different services and working with them separately.

Revolutionize Enterprise Communication

Juxto offers architecture as well as the service that can enable stable and secure real-time communication across an enterprise. Such real-time communication will further lead to rich collaboration, which will streamline operations, enhance productivity and maximize a team’s performance. The best part is, this superior, market-leading quality of service (QOS) is available at affordable cost with a flexible pricing model.

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