Cloud Assessment Service

Learn the best way to use Cloud Services

Customized Analysis of How to Best Use Cloud Services 

Synoptek’s Cloud Assessment Service is a cloud infrastructure analytics service providing data analytics, cost analysis, and recommendations to speed and simplify cloud migration and management.  This service helps you determine “right-sized” cloud configurations and the “best-fit” cloud provider for your environment.

Within 30 days this service automates application discovery, creates dependency mapping, analyzes performance metrics, resource utilization, and your usage patterns.  This analysis is to:

  • Provide precise cloud migration informationIT Consultant Services
  • Compare the costs of AWS, Microsoft Azure and other public cloud services based on your specific configurations
  • Ensure your cloud computing needs are met, and right-sized
  • Create an optimal (costs vs. performance) cloud environment
  • Improve your ROI and maximize your cloud investments while proposing significant cost efficiencies


Cloud Safety and Security

The Synoptek’s Cloud Assessment Service is fully secure and meets HIPAA, FISMA, and other compliance standards.  This service is quick and easy to deploy and can be set up to analyze high-performance complex computing environments.

  • Synoptek only gathers infrastructure and application level information pertaining to discovery, dependencies, and performance (not sensitive or personal identifying data)
  • No rebooting is requiredSynoptek Cloud Assessment Service
  • No firewall changes are needed
  • Communications of usage data is collected via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) or internal proxy
  • Installation can occur quickly (less than an hour)
  • Synoptek agents are set to use 0.5% CPU capacity and will not disrupt day-to-day operations


Why you want to use Synoptek’s Cloud Assessment Service

Right-sizing your cloud; getting the best configuration correct, confirming your cloud instance types, storage options, peak RAM usage, storage capacity and current utilization require very precise analytics.  Synoptek’s Cloud Assessment Service provides all of this data and more.  No individual cloud vendor can or will provide third party vendor analysis including a complete cost analysis matrix (example below).


  • With one report understand the best cloud provider based on cost and performance for your environment
  • Avoid guestimation of needed cloud resources, reducing costs significantly
  • Understand cloud “peak and valley” utilization preciselyAWS Partner logo
  • Avoid performance degradations and unnecessary costs
  • Save time and resources by trying to assess all of your cloud instances internally
  • Reduce migration planning cycles by visibly seeing dependencies and shadow IT
  • Gain insight to application dependencies as all commands and web server requests are identified


What you get with Synoptek’s Cloud Assessment Service

It is rare that an IT analysis service evaluates so many parameters, including current pricing for various vendors.  Synoptek’s Cloud Assessment Service provides you value worth many times over its price.  Pricing is based upon the number of physical or virtual servers analyzed in your environment.  Here’s what you get in the Cloud Assessment Report:

Synoptek’s Cloud Assessment Summary Report:

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment.
    • What that means for applications regarding complexity and suitability on a cloud platform.  Some applications are resource intensive and may better be suited for dedicated hardware.  Others might be built on a legacy OS and create issues.Microsoft Gold Hosting image
  • Cloud Migration Strategy and Tactics
    • Discovery and dependency mapping identifying all applications and their dependencies, including 3-tier/n-tier application dependencies.
    • Identify and create cloud migration “groups” based on business rules such as application class, dependencies, machine tags, cost, migration phase, and more.
    • Based on your individual needs, a cost estimate for migrating storage to various cloud platforms.
  • Application Discovery and Dependency Analysis
    • Focus not just on each application but the dependency to other resources and servers that build the overall service.
  • Right-Sized Resource Allocation
    • Analyze data and determine why one might want to change the amount of resources and the benefits around both current and projected operating environment and performance demands.
    • Leverage performance and usage pattern analysis to accurately plan current and future capacity needs.
    • Breakdown of projected cloud TCO by compute, storage, and network resources and drill down to individual machines to understand costs at a detailed level.
    • Identify your best-fit cloud configuration for each of your workloads, including optimal virtual machines/instances, storage options, pricing plans, and network settings.
    • Identify over and under provisioned machines and idle resources, and provide recommended actions for optimizations.
  • Total Cost AssessmentSynoptek Cloud Awards
    • Based on instance recommendations provided we give you a top down view on what is the aggregate cost of your cloud environment.
    • Compare precise TCO calculations across AWS, Microsoft Azure and other public cloud services based on a detailed performance analysis of your infrastructure and available options.
  • “What if Analysis”
    • Mapping servers to specific cloud instances is where we look at the specific predefined situations in target cloud platforms and define a “best value” recommendation.
  • Real-time Cost Comparisons
    • Based on comparisons to current cloud provider pricing using AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other public clouds
  • Achieving Cloud Clarity (Do I currently have the “BEST” cloud vendors and configurations)
    • A complete review of this comprehensive set of reports. Synoptek cloud experts will assist you in understanding the data and recommendations to help you optimize all of your cloud instances.


Synoptek’s Cloud Assessment Pricing Analysis

Synoptek Cloud Assessment Service Report 1


As part of your Synoptek Cloud Assessment Report, you will be able to compare compute and storage requirements for various cloud service providers.  You will also be able to view dependency mapping, performance metrics, resource utilization, storage, CPU performance, your usage patterns and much more.


To view more details regarding what our Cloud Assessment Report would look like click here.



Why is Synoptek the Company to do this for my organization?

Whether you are just migrating to the cloud or you have been using cloud storage for years, many areas of concern still exist.  Have you deployed the right workloads and are you using the optimal configurations?  Are you managing all of your cloud instances?  Are your cloud costs continuing to rise?

Synoptek’s Cloud Assessment Service will provide you a detailed vendor-agnostic analysis of your AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other public cloud services.  The Synoptek Cloud Professionals have operating experience with all the leading cloud platforms will give you the knowledge you cannot find anywhere else.

  • Synoptek’s Cloud Assessment Service is operated by certified cloud experts and will provide you an analysis that delivers value and direction to your organization
  • Knowledge gained in doing hundreds of cloud migrations and implementations is applied to our analysis and recommendations
  • We are experienced in how to maximize capabilities unique to operating in the cloud, as well as pitfalls to avoid.
  • We are personal and prefer to meet with you because every customer is different. This is not an automated service.
  • We have a nationwide team and a deep technical bench
  • Guaranteed to offer you cost savings or performance improvement recommendationsIT Consultant Services



Contact Us and learn more about Synoptek’s Cloud Assessment Service and find out how to both increase performance and reduce your cloud costs.