You cannot prevent a security event from happening, but you can manage the extent of its impact. As your Cybersecurity consultant, we provide our customers with focused solutions to address gaps in their efforts to reduce their threat landscape. Whether considering a mature Cybersecurity infrastructure or just the basics, Synoptek clients can take advantage of the Synoptek Cybersecurity framework in helping implement their Cybersecurity strategies. Synoptek’s framework is the foundation on which our professional and managed security services were designed.

Why Does My Business Need Cybersecurity Consulting?

It’s not a matter of “If” the organization will be compromised, it’s a matter of how prepared it will be when the threat is discovered, and how quickly it will recover from a system compromise. Any organization that manages or has access to sensitive data can take advantage of Synoptek risk management framework services.

These services provide comprehensive optics into an organization’s threat landscape, which helps our customers make informed risk management decisions that will result in a greater defensive posture, while also allowing business leaders to protect areas that matter most.

Synoptek’s Approach to Cybersecurity Consulting

Synoptek’s professional and managed security services provide a security pathway to protect critical infrastructures, regardless of their current Cybersecurity state. Synoptek’s services consider three priorities as key to successful program execution in risk management: relevance, timeliness and impact.

Synoptek’s Cybersecurity consulting services have seen success when developed especially for customers who are part of the 16 National Critical Infrastructure sectors (i.e., Energy, Banking, Law Enforcement, Health Care and State/Local Government, etc.).

Your Cybersecurity Consultant & Partner

Here are Synoptek we see ourselves as more than your consultant, we see ourselves as your partner. In order to ensure that we do right by your company, we do our due diligence in understanding how your business operations and what matters the most to you. We are dedicated to providing you with the following:

Contact a Cybersecurity Expert

Use Cybersecurity to Safeguard And Protect Your Data, Organization And Customers

Synoptek Provides The Following Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Security Program Diagnostics

The internet contains a multitude of threats. Your current IT security is probably based on complex levels of trust and privileged access.  Synoptek provides security leadership to help curate a security design that balances the specific protections you need while keeping your network at its highest functionality.

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Unified Endpoint Security

Synoptek’s Endpoint Protection Service provides customers with a more thorough and more intelligent defense than the conevtional network security – exactly what is needed to navigate today’s threat landscape with minimal interruptions.

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Cybersecurity Threat Hunting & Management

Synoptek’s security analysts leverage industry-leading AI to detect known and zero-day threats, allowing us to deliver detailed and actionable plans to mitigate risks before they become catastrophic to your business.

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SOC as a Service

Quickly and accurately identifying a threat and neutralizing its impact is critical to defending your computing environment. SOC-a-a-Service analyzes threats and attack signatures to ensure your defensive posture.

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Ransomware Defense & Protection Services

Ransomware has sky-rocketed beyond 365% since the second quarter of 2019. Synoptek can help your business defend against the ever-present threat of a cyber ransomware attack.

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Cybersecurity Risk Management Framework

Based on NIST, the Synoptek Security Risk Management Framework delivers services that apply the level of focus necessary to accurately assess an organization’s risk profile and lower these risks.

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Managed Cybersecurity Services

The pace and scale of malware attacks and data breaches have put modern organizations in a tight spot. As the frequency of Cybersecurity incidents increases, they need to look for ways to strengthen enterprise security.

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IT and Security Assessment Services Enable a Premier Car Rental Company to Improve Security Posture

Synoptek’s IT service and security assessment services allows the car rental service company minimize IT complexity, improve flexibility and profitability, as well as reduce cost of operations.

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