Security Program Diagnostics

Find out if your organization is at risk.

Even with the emergence of new technology and all the updates that come with it, organizations are responsible for protecting the foundation of their network and all the data it encompasses. If a company does not have an updated cybersecurity program or have conducted an IT security assessment, they risk being exposed to threats and irreversible data damage.

In the unfortunate event that your infrastructure is compromised, it is not only the data that is lost but also the confidence of their customers and their trustworthy reputation. Without a cybersecurity program, more is on the line than just your data.

Common Security Challenges

Limited Resources

In the case of a cyber crisis, an existing IT team can be easily overwhelmed by trying to fix the emergency and still perform their expected daily tasks. With these kinds of limited resources, you are sacrificing a quick resolution to your security breach and your normal high level of operation.

High Demand

As cyber threats become more common, finding an expert team who can protect your business is becoming more difficult.

Security Fundamentals

The risk of security incidents and a potential breach impacts every type of business in every industry. An effective security program doesn’t just protect data – it also drives an organization’s credibility and productivity. Security alignment with operations and technology requires proper understanding of the organization’s IT environment; without this thorough understanding security vulnerabilities will continue to prevail.

Why Conduct a Cybersecurity Assessment?

Synoptek’s IT security assessment services provide a review of the health and maturity of any cybersecurity program and measures it against industry standards (NIST/CIS/ISO). During the cybersecurity assessment component of the program, a dedicated security expert will conduct a highly focused security review with key business stakeholders to analyze critical aspects of your current security program.

Contact a Unified Endpoint Security Expert

Upon completion, the results and findings will be consolidated and presented as a report. This report will cover the following:

  • Overall review that considers all initial concerns raised by the company
  • Risk management profile that will highlight the current security inadequacies that leave your company at risk if you fail to revitalize your security
  • A shortlist of security service offerings that will solve these shortcomings in a recommended, solutions-oriented approach

Synoptek’s Approach to Cybersecurity Assessment Services

A strong security program is cultivated by understanding an organization’s needs, culture, and business operations. Synoptek’s IT security assessment services provide a blended approach to ensure that security processes are a prioritized, highly focused set of action items and not just another item on the to-do list. Once the diagnostics are complete, Synoptek can provide a skilled support network to implement the security measures scaled to your company, compliant with all industry or government security requirements.

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