Data Protection Managed Services

Synoptek’s managed services make continuous peace of mind an everyday luxury.

Your data is a valuable commodity, both as a means of tracking the functionality of your systems in the past and as a strategic tool that helps your business plan for the future. Data loss is increasingly common, as attacks from hackers and failures of increasingly complex IT persist.

There is no question that your business needs have a strategy to evolve with operations in mind, and it’s essential that this strategy includes a plan for recovering the contents of your company’s data servers in the event that a problem arises.

Managed Data Protection Services

It’s like an insurance policy for data loss, offering an integrated solution to the challenge of comprehensive server content protection. Our managed data protection services are designed to operate as an integral component of our broader IT service package, making your data fully recoverable in the event of an issue, without any compatibility problems. Chances are, you’ll never know there was an issue until it has already been fixed.

Our managed data protection services include:

  • Endpoint data protection
  • Remote data backup
  • Server backup
  • Application backup
  • Direct backup to
  • Long-term retention
    to cloud
  • Offsite replication
  • Endpoint backup: laptop, desktops
  • SaaS application backup: Office 365
  • Archive: Office 365
  • Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery

Synoptek’s dedicated managed services team has only one job: ensuring your peace of mind. Our SaaS cloud, offsite and online server backup represents excellent value as well. Our data protection consultants work with you to establish the ideal level of security for your organization, so you’re spending only on what you need to while your business grows.

With our managed data protection services, your organization won’t have the need to contract extra IT support, which saves you money. And with the day-to-day, moment-to-moment confidence that Synoptek’s managed services deliver, you are free to concentrate on the growth of your business and not on managing concerns about hacking, breaches, data glitches or server failures – you can leave that to us.

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