Managed Analytics and Reporting Services

In an era where businesses are competing for the top spot, end-to-end insight into business metrics can empower organizations with the data they need to fuel better decisions across business processes, employee engagement, customer experience, competitive standing, and market position. Synoptek offers an array of Managed Analytics and Reporting Services that can help organizations unearth critical insight from their business processes and turn them into actionable information for improved decision-making.

Why Choose Synoptek for Managed Analytics and Reporting Services?

Synoptek’s Managed Analytics and Reporting Services provides organizations benefits like faster results, lower costs, and a greater return on investment compared to companies who choose to implement and run analytics solutions on their own. With deep knowledge of intelligent routing, omni-channel journeys, and interaction analysis, our data scientists and analysts can help you quickly harness the full power of analytics to uncover business issues and their root causes.

With years of experience working across multiple verticals, we have what it takes to identify common business challenges, quickly determine the value to your company, and implement relevant analytics accordingly. Our talented pool of analytical resources has experience in leading analytical modeling platforms and can apply algorithms to large, varied, and rapidly changing data sets. Leveraging carefully honed best practices and lessons learned on how to solve common analytics challenges, our Managed Analytics and Reporting Services team delivers a systematic method for implementing an analytics program and applying its findings to your business.

Synoptek’s Approach to Managed Analytics and Reporting Services

Synoptek’s Managed Analytics and Reporting Services are built around the agile methodology. We begin the engagement by carrying out a series of analytics activities based on customer’s specific topics of interest. We then provide quantitative answers to each topic of focus across two-week sprints, empowering clients to take corrective action to improve business outcomes.

Our proven governance model brings the structure and rigor needed to collect relevant business information from your business operations, employee activities, as well as customer interactions. We employ highly trained, skilled, and specialized experts with experience in relevant industries to work closely with you to help you achieve economies of scale. We ensure our team of dedicated analytics professionals perform all critical tasks necessary for actively using the intelligence contained across the business to make key business decisions.

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How Does Synoptek Provide Managed Analytics as a Service

Through a well-cultivated relationship between our Managed Analytics and Reporting Services team and your company’s executives, we help establish a strong process to leverage analytics technology to meet larger, long-term goals of the business: from improved business process efficiency, to customer satisfaction, market growth, and service excellence. Our team of qualified resources work diligently to interpret and communicate facts and figures revealed by dynamic charts, tables, and other visualizations.

Using interactive reports, you can drill down through various levels of data with the simple click of a button. You can also navigate, sort, filter, and view the data for your specific needs and translate them into actionable information. You can choose from many ways to interact with and manipulate data and make more objective, data-driven decisions quickly and easily. Such levels of interactivity shift the power to create and edit reports directly to decision makers, further empowering them to drive businesses forward while decreasing the workload on the IT team.

Synoptek’s Managed Analytics and Reporting Services Include:

  • Business Process Assessment
  • Evaluation and Roadmap Planning
  • Analytics and Reporting Tool Implementation
  • Tool Support, Evolution, and Optimization
  • End-user Training

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