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Envision Your Future Business-Driven Technology Strategy

Achieving Business Results from Your Technology Investments. Guaranteed.

A business-driven technology strategy is the first step in getting meaningful results from your technology investment.

Your organization may have technology plan but is it strategic and business driven? Are your business leaders aligned in support of that technology strategy? Are there clear and measurable expected results? And is the strategy specific and achievable? Are you realizing results?

Synoptek will partner with you to re-imagine your processes, technologies, and culture in response to changing customer needs, new technology, and internal or external pressures. We help build a vision of the initiatives needed to align IT capabilities with your business goals and enable a clear understanding of the recommended timeframe, sequence, and estimated cost of improvements to evolve the business and remain relevant.

Our methodology specifically ties following business results to your technology investments and spend making your technology a business decision, not a technology decision.

Increase Revenue
Increase Revenue
Improve Profitability
Improve Profitability
Lower Cost
Lower Cost
Reduce Risk
Reduce Risk

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Envision Your Future Business-Driven Technology Strategy

Leveraging technology to improve your results is a business problem, not a technology problem. Ultimately this is a proposal to work with you to build a great technology plan that enables your business. We call it “envisioning” because you are truly envisioning the future of your business in a technology-enabled world and discovering the art of the possible. The entire process can be completed in 6-9 weeks. The resulting plan is a living and breathing plan that should be maintained quarterly.


Synoptek believes GREAT technology plans must be business driven!

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Success Story

Project Overview

International training organization partners with Synoptek to define a technical strategy to become a $300M revenue organization in 3-5 years.

Business Requirement

  • The client intended to scale geographically, add new products, and drive overall operational efficiencies to achieve meaningful results.
  • Their existing business processes and technology portfolio were insufficient to support this strategy, and Synoptek was asked to recommend courses of action.

Synoptek’s Solution

  • Conducted multiple interviews with the client over eight weeks to understand key business drivers and pain points and plan strategies to achieve their growth goals.
  • Provided technical recommendations, organizational change management, and other tools essential for client’s ability to realize substantial results from their technology investments.

Key Deliverables

  • Recommendations focused on people, processes, and technology as all need to operate in harmony to succeed.
  • Recommendations for organizational change management, enterprise governance, and cross-functional process design to meet client’s strategic objectives.

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