Manufacturing and DistributionCustomer Service Solution

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RetailCustomer Service Solution

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Decrease support costs and improve levels of customer satisfaction using the Customer Service Solution

The Customer Service Solution allows you to deliver responsive customer service from anywhere, anytime, and from any device. This will equip your service engineers with everything they need to be more productive, resolve more cases, and satisfy your customers. They can log complaints, have a 360 degree view of information, allocate resources, track warranties, manage requests, and build preventive maintenance reports.

With the additional use of mFieldService, a mobile application, your field engineers can access customer data and company information from their mobile/tablet devices. With its qualities of easy app installation, portability, and touch screen features, the mobile app reduces the lag time in service and provides better productivity.

Key challenges faced by field service engineers:

  • Inability to get instant visibility into customer and work order histories
  • Poor communication
  • Inability to track the status of activities of service executives in real time
  • Delay in response and decision-making in the field
  • Inefficient service calls and hence poor customer feedback
  • Delay in on-schedule delivery of services
  • High customer level expectations due to complex tasks
  • Inability to use any mobile device or tablet on field

Synoptek’s customer service solution enables you to deliver, continually assess, and fine-tune customer service, delivering a superior customer experience that builds value and develops long-term customer relationships.

customer service solution

Maximize your potential with Customer Service:

  • Personalized customer service and support
  • Faster response times and time-to-resolution
  • Optimum routing for service calls
  • Real-time visibility into work status and customer work history
  • Quick response to last minute changes in schedule and decision-making in the field
  • Facilitate real-time collaboration in the field
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • A unified view of the customer’s information and their preferences

RetailField Sales Mobile App

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Improve Efficiency of Field Sales

Synoptek’s field sales mobile app helps enhance enterprise mobility and productivity of sales representatives during customer visits. Provide executives with critical insights into the sales process through better planning and tracking.

From financial services companies to FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) manufacturers, nearly every sales team needs to leverage technology to streamline operations, control costs and overheads, and reduce turnaround time. Mobile sales apps play a key role in all these requirements.

Key Challenges for Field Sales Reps

Time-consuming sales activities can be challenging. Synoptek helps sales representatives take on some of the following common challenges

  • Reduction in sales due to the inability to place orders in real-time
  • High overheads including unnecessary paperwork, phone calls, and visits
  • Manual paper-based sales order entry
  • Inadequate access to valuable customer information
  • Manual and time consuming, sales order entry
  • Inability to perform a demo at the client site
  • Time-consuming sales activity

How It Works

See how the field sales app can help enhance employee productivity, improve access to valuable information, and increase customer satisfaction.

Maximize Your Potential with Field Sales

Our field sales mobile app helps increase customer satisfaction, shorten the sales cycle, better utilize employees, and improve business process management with the following:

  • Ability to place and process orders in real-time, complete with delivery dates
  • Inventory and pricing systems to enable the creation of new quotes
  • Instant access to comprehensive customer information and track record
  • Capability to provide on-the-spot invoices and receipts
  • Accurate directions for simpler and stress-free travel
  • Help in time and expense reporting for sales reps

RetailProject Portfolio Management

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Using Project Portfolio Management with SharePoint

Your business leverages industry best practices, tools, and techniques to achieve project success. Project governance, document management, and collaboration are critical for an effective project and portfolio management solution. The Project Portfolio Management solution from Synoptek is customized to meet the communication and collaboration needs of your project environment.

Key business challenges for project managers are:

  • Lack of standardized processes
  • Poor communication
  • Ineffective project information management
  • Inefficient team collaboration
  • Decentralized repository
  • Lack of traceability of information
  • Faulty access privileges
  • Lack of automated reporting

Synoptek’s SharePoint PPM Solution helps you organize and manage complex projects, centralize project documents, and automate your project reporting process. It helps in tracking projects, disseminating project reports, and enhancing project team collaboration.

Maximize your potential with Project Portfolio Management:

  • Improved communication
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Better team building
  • Effective status reporting
  • Enhanced security
  • Transparent accountability
  • Efficient information management
  • Better project exposure
  • Seamless portfolio management

RetailEmployee Self-Service Solution

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Empower your employees to complete administrative work faster

Employees need to fill out various forms; for instance, out of office or expense reimbursement forms. Eliminate the tedious manual effort out of these tasks for employees, as well as their managers. Self-Service forms on your intranet portal enable employees to simply fill out the required forms from the intranet site, then route them automatically for proper approval.

Key business challenges are:

  • Incomplete access to information
  • Increase the workload burden on IT staff on behalf of employees
  • Management of various applications like employee leave and expense reimbursement becomes time-consuming for HR and admin

Synoptek’s self-service forms enable you to automate employee based tasks and reduce manual efforts by enhancing employee self-service.

Maximize your potential with Employee Self-Service:

  • Facilitate employee self-service
  • Role-based access to organizational forms
  • Automated emails to attendees for scheduled meetings
  • Automated leave application form and its online approval
  • Reminders for scheduled meetings or client visits
  • Rapidly respond to business needs
  • Make quick and informed decisions
  • Reduce the work burden of IT staff
  • Anytime access to the submitted forms
  • Reduce the extra manual effort
  • Empower employees through complete access to information