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What is CRM Consulting?


As the global CRM software market is forecasted to grow to $49.6 billion in size by 2025, there is continued traction in the implementation and use of CRM platforms. Although modern CRM platforms offer a set of integrated applications that help improve how you interact and do business with your customers, selecting, implementing, and managing an enterprise system as complex as CRM requires the skills and expertise of qualified professionals who are well-aware of all the nitty-gritty of CRM. As businesses realize they lack this capability and expertise, they are increasingly turning towards CRM Consulting to make the CRM implementation and management process simple and cost-effective.

So, what exactly is CRM Consulting? Why do organizations today need a CRM Consultant? And how can you choose the right CRM Consultant for your firm? To answer all these questions and more, we got in touch with Genya Akselrod, Practice Director, Business Applications – CRM, at Synoptek. Read on further to learn what he had to say.

What is CRM Consulting?

CRM Consulting involves leveraging the expertise of competent professionals to exploit the capabilities of a modern CRM platform to the fullest. By understanding the journey of your business and the story of your customers, CRM Consulting helps in building a custom solution and shifting your legacy systems and processes to a digital infrastructure that encompasses the entire organization.

CRM Consulting enables organizations to plan the best strategy for sales, marketing, and customer support activities while achieving the highest ROI from any CRM implementation. By getting access to qualified and certified CRM consultants, they can identify current gaps, chart out a robust plan, and implement processes to meet diverse business needs via tailored CRM solutions.

Why Do You Need a CRM Consultant?

Understanding the needs of customers and offering them products and services that align with those needs is critical. A CRM does the perfect job of uncovering these facets using data insights; but being able to unearth these insights requires the constant oversight of skilled professionals who can help in providing personalized communication, sharing relevant information, and delivering consistent service.

If you are unaware of the different CRM solutions available in the market, lack a good understanding of the CRM implementation process, or do not have the time or resources for strategic execution and maintenance of CRM software, you need a CRM Consultant to help you achieve all this, and more.

Having a CRM Consultant on board can help your business effectively manage all customer-related activities through the successful selection, implementation, and optimization of a CRM platform that perfectly fits your business requirement. Offering functional and technical expertise, a CRM Consultant can conduct technical analysis of your CRM requirements, craft the right functional specifications, customize modules as needed, and keep the CRM solution in line with your needs. A Consultant can also help in configuring, deploying, and integrating the solution as well as supporting and managing it post-implementation, and training users to leverage the system most efficiently.

What are the Benefits of CRM Consulting?

CRM Consultants provide a vast scope of CRM Consulting Services, starting from defining the industry and client-specific business processes, collecting business requirements, supporting the CRM vision, building an implementation roadmap, and configuring and customizing the CRM solution.

Companies that opt for CRM Consulting can achieve several benefits, such as:

  • Successful implementation and management of the CRM platform
  • Stronger sales pipeline
  • Better workforce productivity through automation
  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Continuous updates and upgrades of the CRM platform
  • Increased flexibility and scalability
  • 24/7 availability

Reasons Why You Need to Invest in a CRM

A great CRM helps a company analyze and manage its interactions with old and new customers. CRM stands for customer relationship management, without it, organizations fall behind on potential revenue and the ability to streamline most of the interactions with new customers. It is no secret that the best way to achieve exponential growth with your business is by consistent management that monitors and comprehends its data.

How Can You Choose the Right CRM Consultant?

Choosing the right CRM Consulting Partner that has certified resources and is partners with CRM vendors like Microsoft, Salesforce, and SAP requires you to look out for certain skills and capabilities. These include:

  • A pool of qualified and certified resources with expertise in multiple CRM platforms
  • Years of experience in the field of CRM Consulting and a track record of successfully completed projects
  • A global delivery model to meet unique business requirements, regardless of time-zone differences
  • CRM product development expertise along with migration and integration capabilities
  • Robust discovery and implementation processes and knowledge of the latest CRM trends and best practices
  • Proven quality control and assurance tools and processes
  • Sufficient industry and domain expertise
  • Sound SLAs and a service desk where issues can be logged 24×7
  • Good references from current and past customers

The Advantages of a Mobile CRM

Mobile has completely changed the way we do business in this day in age, it has forced the entire world to make information accessible to everybody with the touch of a button. Mobile CRM is no longer an option, but a need. Now you can approve requests, Access real-time dashboards, create custom reports and share ideas and reports. With Dynamics CRM, your organization can do everything you would normally be able to do from a desktop application, on the go.

Investing in CRM with Synoptek

If you want to efficiently forge and manage customer relationships, track sales leads, and build a strong sales and marketing pipeline, investing in a CRM platform is a great way to streamline your administrative processes and increase your profitability. But given how multifaceted today’s CRM platforms are, CRM Consulting can allow qualified experts to take care of all things CRM while you focus on building and maintaining customer relationships that truly matter.

Invest in a CRM Consultant today to optimize your sales processes and never miss out on a growth opportunity, ever!