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CRM Managed Services: Looking Beyond Successful Deployment

May 27, 2023 - by Synoptek

You’ve realized the need for a modern CRM platform. You’ve probably even painstakingly implemented one. However, over time, you realize that you can’t leverage the capabilities to the fullest, maximize the benefits of the platform, or achieve the expected ROI from your CRM investment. Why is that? Well, it’s likely because your CRM system isn’t being managed and supported the way it should be! Read on to uncover why CRM Managed Services is crucial to succeeding beyond deployment.

CRM Managed Services: Looking Beyond Successful Deployment

Why is CRM Important?

CRM plays a vital role in fostering customer relationships, leading to loyalty and retention. By effectively managing customer interactions, businesses can boost revenue and profitability. At its core, CRM simplifies data collection, enabling companies to recognize and engage with customers on a scalable level, ultimately driving growth and maximizing profits.

Why Your CRM Platform Needs to be Supported?

In today’s dynamic business era, having a CRM system is critical not just for the sales teams, but for any customer-facing team interacting and engaging with customers. A modern CRM platform not only brings all customer data to one place for teams to deliver seamless experiences to customers across different touchpoints, but also keeps up with customer needs, especially as they begin to value relationships over transactions.

Although implementing a CRM system is indispensable today, using it correctly and ensuring its many capabilities are being leveraged to the fullest is far more important. If you want your unified CRM platform to build lasting customer relationships in the digital age, it needs to be supported around-the-clock, so different teams harness the full potential, deliver consistent customer experiences, and contribute substantially to the future of the business.

Since users are likely to encounter issues and challenges while operating and managing a system as complex as an enterprise CRM, it is important to be able to recognize these problems, identify their root cause, and enable a permanent solution, so they don’t happen again. At the same time, with several departments today using the platform to meet different goals, educating these different business units about the differential functional characteristics, empowering them to use the right data, build the right reports, and make the right decisions becomes very important.

What CRM Managed Services Bring to the Table

If you’re using a modern CRM platform to streamline your Sales, Marketing, and Services functions and want to continue driving value from it, you need to continuously support and manage it for sustained outcomes. Opting for CRM Managed Services is a great way to:

1. Ensure User Adoption

Getting to grips with a new and complex system like CRM can lead to several roadblocks in articulating and accomplishing a shared vision. CRM Managed Services help overcome resistance from employees who’ve been using an old system for a long time and drive high user adoption rates. By educating and training them about the need for a CRM system, the benefits, and tips on how to best use it, a Managed Services Provider can help employees get out of their comfort zones and ensure the platform facilitates their daily work – and does not act as a hindrance.

2. Stay Updated

With new updates and versions constantly being released, ensuring your CRM system is up-to-date and in sync with the latest trends and innovations is critical. CRM Managed Services ensure all the latest patches and updates released by your CRM vendor are constantly implemented, and you’re running the latest, most advanced version of the platform.

3. Ensure Seamless Integration

As you drive efforts to digitally transform your business, there is a high likelihood that you’re constantly bringing in new tools and systems into your IT ecosystem. CRM Managed Services ensure your CRM instance is constantly and effortlessly integrated with the slew of new tools and technologies for improved data flow, collaboration, and visibility.

4. Extend Your CRM Platform

In addition to integrating your CRM platform with an array of modern tools, opting for CRM Managed Services allows you to extend your CRM platform via several third-party plugins and add-ons. In addition, a Managed Services Partner will also be able to customize modules or implement new ones, so you keep pace with the latest industry trends and customer expectations.

5. Enable Scalability

Many organizations that invest in a CRM platform end up incurring humongous costs because the system becomes too expensive to manage and maintain, as the company grows or expands its teams. CRM Managed Services allow such organizations to carefully manage the different moving parts of a CRM system and avoid running into unexpectedly large bills for scaling and optimizing the system. They also ensure you are utilizing all the features in the right manner and seamlessly scale the platform to keep up with the demand.

6. Receive 24/7 Support

A Managed Services Partner will work as an extension of your business and IT teams, allowing you to get all the support you need to successfully operate your CRM platform. Whether you need to enable reporting, resolve issues, or improve user adoption, CRM Managed Services ensure you get the support you need, when you need it via a 24/7 helpdesk support.

7. Optimize Costs

CRM Managed Services is also a great way to optimize your operational costs. Having a team of experts on standby means you can eliminate the effort and expenditure of hiring and retaining CRM professionals. Managed experts also ensure your CRM system is being exploited to its full potential, without requiring additional integrations with costly applications, allowing you to drive adoption and further maximize ROI.

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CRM Managed Services enable you to leverage the full power of your CRM software, so you get a 360-degree view of your leads, turn them into customers, and strengthen relationships with them. With a time-tested and robust CRM support model, you can be sure to have resources to support, manage, and troubleshoot your CRM system, and provide the required assistance, so your investment in CRM is maximized.

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