Faq : Cloud Advancement

What is Hyperscale Cloud Computing?


The ability of computing infrastructure to scale and respond to increasing demand is referred to as hyperscale cloud computing. It enables businesses to expand a portion of their computing infrastructure and gain access to the necessary computer, storage, memory, and networking resources.

For example, for an e-commerce supplier, hyperscale cloud computing would entail gaining access to a significant number of network resources throughout the holiday season, ensuring that the website runs smoothly and meets client expectations.

Hyperscale Cloud Computing at Synoptek

When it comes to making cloud-based IT infrastructure, migration is only half the battle. The infrastructure must adapt as a firm develops and develops, and that is why the ability to hyperscale becomes crucial. Synoptek’s hyperscale services help enterprises with IT infrastructure design and management facilitate suitable and continuous scaling as demands arise. Through our hyperscale (managed cloud services), we also provide a layer of risk management, data protection, security services, and long-term strategic planning to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

If a business has current cloud resources that simply aren’t working as expected, it can leverage Synoptek’s hyperscale cloud services.