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Exploit the Latest Capabilities of Azure Cloud and Drive Your Business Towards Success

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Synoptek’s Microsoft Azure Services provide enterprises with resources to architect an Avant-garde cloud environment. We help improve application performance, deliver 24/7 technical support, enable continuous patch and change management, and provide security best practices – so you can focus your time and attention on your core competence.

As part of our Azure Managed Services offering, we help analyze your business requirements, suggest the best-fit Azure cloud strategy, build a practical roadmap, move your workloads to the Azure cloud, and also manage and monitor your cloud environment.

By partnering with us, you not only get access to technology resources and a skilled workforce to manage Azure Services, but also become efficient in addressing a range of issues associated with cost, quality of service, and risk.

Why Partner with Synoptek

As an experienced Azure Services Provider and Azure Gold Partner, Synoptek brings exceptional technical, strategic, and domain expertise to every Azure project. For more than 20 years, we have been managing information and customer workloads for hundreds of mid-size and large enterprises and extending our ability to understand the business, provide strategic guidance at every step, and steer it to success. Our qualified pool of Azure-certified resources has the experience required to understand business challenges, create appropriate strategies, and chart out a cloud migration plan that fits your budget and time constraints.

Azure Gold Partner

Azure-certified resources

20+ years of experience

Global delivery model

Microsoft CSP Member

Our Azure Cloud Services

  • Azure Cloud Strategy and Planning: Make all the right decisions and take all the right steps with Synoptek’s Azure Cloud Strategy and Planning Services to get maximum returns from your Azure Cloud investment. Read More
  • Azure Cloud Migration Services: Leverage our Azure Cloud Migration Services to successfully migrate to the Azure Cloud and allow us to manage the entire cloud migration lifecycle with increased efficiency. Read More
  • Azure Hyperscale Cloud Services: Keep pace with all the changes that happen in the business environment with Synoptek's Azure Hyperscale Cloud Services. Read More
  • Managed Azure Cloud Services: Maximize the availability and performance of your Azure Cloud by utilizing Synoptek’s Managed Azure Cloud Services and get the support you need – 24/7. Read More

Customer Speak

“From day one, the most important aspect of our relationship with Synoptek has been reliability and peace of mind. We have never had a major failure at any of our data center. And when you are providing services like ours that is so mission-critical, that’s what matters. Perfection is the minimum level of performance. We want to be with a partner we know can provide us with perfection, and that's what Synoptek does. They are excellent at what they do.”


Expert Insight

Expert Insight
How to Avoid Cloud Wastage and Overspend

Azure is a much sought-after cloud computing service that offers a range of secure, future-ready, hybrid, and multi-cloud solutions. It opens doors to unlimited data and analytics capabilities, including unmatched time to insight, scale, and price performance. But if you want to get the best from your Azure investments, you need to constantly monitor usage and curb unnecessary costs so that you can avoid unmanageable and uncontrollable cloud bills.

Is your organization a victim of cloud wastage and overspending? If yes, tune into our on-demand webinar to hear from our cloud experts about how you can minimize cloud wastage and overspending.

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