Cyber Security Assessment Services

Continuously assess the cyber security of your IT landscape to diffuse threats in time.

The Necessity of Cyber Security Assessment Services

Navigating the modern vulnerable IT landscape doesn’t come easy. Organizations must constantly drive efforts to ensure their core systems are well-protected and offer seamless access to users 24×7. High availability of environments is critical to business operations and that’s why it is essential for businesses to undergo continuous cyber security assessments. It is critical that they can identify existing security challenges, understand root case of issues, and take steps to safeguard their IT infrastructure.

Synoptek’s Approach to Cyber Security Assessments

At Synoptek, we take cyber security very seriously. We understand the long-lasting impact a cyber security breach can have on your business and that’s why we work diligently in assessing your current security landscape and providing recommendations to strengthen the security posture of your business. Our engagement includes an evaluation of the existing cyber security infrastructure to ensure all vectors for access from the outside are carefully considered. We also provide detailed infrastructure documentation with the aim to reduce time and scope for discovery.

Why Choose Synoptek’s Assessment Services for Cyber Security

Over the years, we have offered cyber security assessment services to several hundred companies, enabling them to detect and resolve cyber security loopholes in time. We know what it takes to strengthen the cyber security landscape; we can optimize your security infrastructure and build an environment your employees need to operate safely and securely – without putting your business at risk. By conducting interviews across every level, we identify current and future gaps while helping you optimize your cyber landscape.

We focus on identifying vulnerabilities and have a good understanding of the type and scale of attack campaigns hackers use to compromise your enterprise. Based on this understanding, we help in quantifying the impact an attack can have on your business and provide indicators of compromise. Based on our study and findings, we provide immediate tactical recommendations as well as recommendations for a go-forward security management program.

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About Synoptek’s Cyber Security Assessment Services

As part of our cyber security assessment services, we will review current application, server, and network infrastructure, and provide guidance on setting up a high-availability infrastructure. Our team of security, network, and system experts work round-the-clock to address shortcomings and drive efforts in stabilizing your current environment. We will develop a roadmap to address security and high-availability deficiencies within the organization and the underlying infrastructure.

Synoptek’s Cyber Security Assessment Provides the Following

  • Existing Cyber Security Review and Assessment
  • Security Health Check
  • Gap Analysis
  • Cyber Security Roadmap and Recommendations
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