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A Complete Feature Overview of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

March 23, 2022 - by Synoptek

Organizations can revolutionize their service operations by integrating people, places, and processes by leveraging a customer-centric solution, Dynamics 365 Field Service. Dynamics 365 Field Service enables companies to transition from reactive to proactive or predictive field service and also adopt much-needed business models such as “anything-as-a-service”. Dynamics 365 Field Service blends process automation, scheduling algorithms, and mobility to help field workers succeed on the go!

Features of Dynamics 365 Field Service

Let’s look at the different features of the tool that enables it to deliver exceptional service.

1. Customize Customer Interactions by:

  • Timely interaction with your clients: Dynamics 365 Field Service allows on-time scheduling and enables companies to share field technician’s location with customers.
  • Conducting follow-up surveys: After completing field service calls with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, technicians/field agents can capture customer insights with automated, tailored customer surveys.
  • Providing self-service scheduling: Customers are also given the self-scheduling option to schedule service at their convenience.

Self-scheduling options for customers

2. Boost Employee Productivity by:

  • Providing in-context help access to technicians: With Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and other mixed-reality solutions, companies can record asset information through inspections and obtain real-time remote expert support.

Get real-time remote expert support

  • Resolving situations faster with remote collaboration: With Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, customers can consult with experts in real-time to solve problems faster through remote inspections.
  • Simplifying tasks with a mobile-friendly experience: With a mobile-friendly interface, the tool also allows companies to track service activities, including offline access to reservations, work orders, and assets, and respond to the Internet of Things (IoT) alerts and other commands in the field.
  • Enabling technicians on the field: With the mobile app, companies can manage work orders and appointment schedules, access customer data and maps, and take photographs, videos, and voice notes on the go. Features such as knowledge-based articles also help the technician while solving a known problem.

Access customer data, maps and manage work with the mobile app

3. Improve Service Operations by:

  • Dispatching the correct technician: The AI-enabled scheduling recommendations and manual, semi-automated, or fully automated scheduling allows companies to identify the correct technician for the given problem.
  • Managing resource assignments efficiently: The drag-and-drop schedule board and live map allow schedulers to identify and book the nearest available technician.

Use the interactive schedule board to assign a technician

  • Automating the scheduling process: With the help of the built-in schedule board optimization, it’s easy for companies to reduce the travel time of their field agents and respond to delays and cancellations on time.

Maximize utilization using the built-in schedule board optimization

  • Improving service and resource efficiency: With the help of comprehensive insights dashboards, service managers can analyze opportunities to improve first-time fix rates.

The rich insights dashboard to increase first-time-fix rates

4. Deliver Prompt Service by:

  • Avoiding service calls: By using Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, companies can remotely detect and proactively repair issues before customers are aware.
  • Transforming your organization: By switching from a planned services model to just-in-time predictive maintenance prompted by IoT data, organizations can even turn their cost center into a profit center.
  • Managing asset history effectively: The tool ensures technicians have access to the most updated asset data, which is synchronized across Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management.

Ensure technicians have the latest asset data

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service caters to all company stakeholders – operations, technicians, and clients – allowing them to detect, diagnose, and resolve problems in advance, improve fix rates, and lower maintenance and operating expenses, therefore delivering exceptional customer experiences. Is your organization ready to leverage all the benefits that Dynamics 365 Field Service provides?

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